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This game doesn't appear to be NTSC compatible.  I can't say that I'm not disappointed.

Try it on an emulator in PAL mode - problem solved!

Yes, I have been able to play it this way.  It's just that I like to have the option to play the games I buy on my real C64.  Up until now, all of my Psytronik purchases have been playable on my system.  I'm just disappointed that this one doesn't.  My fault, as I should have known to make sure the game description said NTSC compatible.  But, I didn't this time.  So, I left the comment above, in case others are looking for NTSC compatible games.


No worries, I probably should have stated that it was a PAL only release, I will amend the info on the game.

Yes, please do that. I also have an NTSC machine and would like to have played it on real hardware. VICE is good...but not the same. Thanks.