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A fantastic port of the arcade game I loved to hate.  I'm terrible at it, but just find it so difficult not to play.  Only one thing, I found this bug during one of my session (see video at the end of my blog entry)....


So... the game has been heavily tested by three different people and this has never happened. Analyzing the code thoroughly I find nothing wrong. Have you tried my original version or one of the cracked ones?

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Got it right from here.  Played it on WinVice 3.1 x86 (in NTSC mode).  It hasn't happened since, though.  It might have been just a fluke.


Emulators are programs and as such they can contain bugs. Just see the long list of "Known bugs" on the VICE website. Also, version 3.1 is now a bit old, as they have reached 3.6.


Quite right.  Most probably a VICE issue, since you've checked and double checked the game code.