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Thank you for appreciating

happy to hear that


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Glad you like it

Glad you like it.


I just saw the video. STUNNING !!! Sincere congratulations! Have you practiced a lot?

Congratulations! Great performance! 👍👍👍

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Well done, thank you!

I guess it is a joystick issue which is not quite accurate and which causes false contact if the lever is slightly pushed down. I bet that with a Competition Pro (my absolute favorite joystick) the problem does not arise. I can also assure you that moving left or right does not reset the down position of the lever in any way; to teleport a second time you have to release the lever from the down position and then push it down again.

Regarding the other problem, I tried to emulate an NTSC C128 on PC but I didn't find anything strange.

In any case, I'm glad you enjoy the game; I just recommend a more suitable microswitch joystick.

Just to know... do you use a joystick on a real C64 or a joypad/keyboard on a PC with emulator?

The game works flawlessly on much older computers and even on Linux via the Wine interface.
You should check if OpenGL drivers are installed on your pc and if so you could try to update them.


Good job !!! Thank you! 👍👍👍



Ciao Alex, se ancora non sei stanco di Bagman, mi farà piacere vedere un tuo video sul gioco. Buona giornata anche a te

I thank everyone for the compliments and for the appreciation shown towards the game.

Grazie a tutti !!! 😁😁😁

Già avevo visto il tuo video su YouTube. Grazie per le belle parole e per la buona pubblicità che mi stai facendo! 👍👍👍

1) Regarding the speed, I noticed there is a programming error. In the original game, Dig Dug has two speeds: when it digs (slower) and when it moves freely in the tunnels (faster). In the C64 version, often the speed is not corrected and Dig Dug moves slowly (as if digging) even when moving in the tunnels. This causes the character's speed to be slower than the original even in NTSC.

2) Surely this is something that could have been thought better. Another thing I noticed, is that when you drop a stone in the original version, the enemies reverse direction and run away. In the C64 version this does not happen, so it is easier to crush the enemies and easier the game.

3) An extra digit for the score would certainly have been a must.

4) Regarding the aspect of the game and the differences between PAL and NTSC, the matter is a bit complicated. The visible part of the C64 screen is 200 lines high, both in PAL and NTSC. It would therefore not be possible to make a stretched version for PAL over NTSC. The problem is hardware. It must also be considered that the screen of the arcade version is 224x288 pixels (in fact the screen is rotated vertically) while the C64 has a 320x200 pixel screen. The creators of the C64 version have chosen to "stretch" the graphics of the original game to fit the C64 screen size. In this way, not only the aspect of the game is enlarged and squashed vertically, but also the speed of the characters is greater horizontally than vertically. Instead, the version for C64 could have been thought of with a different perspective. For example, the screen could have been kept as the original game of 224x288 pixels, using scrolling to move across the entire playing field vertically, as ArlaSoft did with his recently released version of Pac-Man for C64.

As you said and as I always thought, the old version for C64 is not that bad, but it actually could have been done better.

It is not clear to me where the problem is. As I said, the scores are loaded at the beginning of the game and saved every time you get a better score, so the scores are always updated both in memory and on disk. However, keep in mind that there is a separate ranking for each selected Layout. Could this fact have misled you?

The high-scores are loaded at the start of the game and then saved each time you get a better score (and after entering your initials). Something wrong with this?

Glad you like it

Thank you!

It could be a problem with OpenGL. Try installing/updating the OpenGL drivers.

Super Pac Man is not one of my favorite games, and anyway I'm working on other projects now, sorry.

Actually ghosts do increase speed but they do it very gradually from level to level.

And about the intermissions, let's say I replaced them with bonus levels.



Hi, I think a modern gamepad is not the best to use. In my opinion the keyboard is better, or, of course, a real joystick. However, you can always move the gamepad diagonally, in the escape direction and down so you don't waste time when you step away from the dynamite.

Regarding the sounds, I recorded them directly from the VICE emulator, so the volume of the sounds should be as in the original. However, these are small things and by now I consider the project completed so I will not put my hand to it, unless there are important bugs. Also I'm working hard on other projects now, sorry.

Anyway, thanks for apprecciating the game !!!

Hi. The games I have cloned/ported to Windows first and then to C64 are the ones that marked my childhood and that I am fond of. Making them gave me a lot of satisfaction. Honestly, I didn't even know about the existence of Skizophrenia and therefore it is not among those of my interest, sorry. Anyway, now I'm carrying out another project, again for C64.



yes... yes


Glad you like it

Thanks for appreciation!

Yes, these are the games that I made in those years and that I then sent to some magazines of the time.


Thank you so much!

Thank you all for the compliments and for enjoying the game!