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I would love to participate in this game jam however the games I like to create are NSFW. I would list it with a warning and flag the content appropriately.

Kind Regards


I've uploaded a minor patch fix today which addresses the djini type floating... and fixed the typos.

I will look into the other bugs a bit deeper to find out the cause.

Thank you once again for your help!

Bad Rock


First let me thank you for taking the time to write a review this length. I appreciate it massively and shows you have passion.

I completely understand how the duels feel a bit short, and I absolutely love the suggestions you have given me. Especially the idea of having best of 3 rounds for each duel.

My initial aim for a duel was to have a quick match that could potentially be over within 5 mins. I didn't want longer more drawn out based combat, I wanted to create something quick and snappy.

The mechanics are growing with each release I am developing, as I am learning just that little bit more of how to incorporate the ideas I am having. I follow the ethos of K.I.S.S - Keep it simple stupid, but perhaps a just little too simple.

I think one of the first tests I will do regards to changing how a duel feels, is to make cards much cheaper, and start to incorporate more permanent effects.

Again I can't thank you enough with your response, It is really helping me grow as an indie dev.

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Hey Crowthorne,

Firstly let me apologise for all the confusion I have caused. It was not my intention to have all these builds confused, and as you quite rightly pointed out, I should have the current build displayed on the main menu. In future I will be sure to do this.

Let me elaborate a little bit as to the state of Sapphica.

Sapphica is very much in development. V0.2 is complete and currently available to my Patreons, and is set for imminent release. All bugs fixed. My intent was to release V0.2 to the public as V0.3 came out, however there were a number of life events which have inevitably got in the way... thus delaying the release to V0.3. I should have kept everyone informed and didn't, and I must apologise. I will be sure to update my blog to reflect this too. V0.2 will be released to the public as soon as I have completed V0.3.

Thanks for the message, and pointing out these errors which inevitably helps me to improve as a solo game dev.

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Hey Crowthorne,

What a detailed and constructive report. The Pictures really helped.

Some of these made me laugh, especially the multi click interaction one. I must thank you for successfully breaking the game in a way I couldn't. This all helps me to can make it a better game overall, thank you!

These bugs will be addressed and fixed in the next update, as well as an entire new area, with many more duels, being introduced.

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Definitely nailed the art style! Can't wait to see what you come up with in the future! :D

Interesting twist to the match 3 mechanic. I liked how the box rotated them rather than the usual tap and drag. I didn't encounter any bugs and had a good couple of clean play throughs. Good work!

I enjoyed the animation and very much respect the time that it took. Your effects were good. I struggle to see where the game is here. I can vision it very well as a reward scene after completing some generic rpg quest. I like your art style!

Hey Democore,

Thanks for the kind words and giving the game a go. It's funny really, I find working in 3d much quicker and easier than 2d. I'm gutted that i couldn't get more of the animtions done, but in the next update I plan on having all the rush animations complete :D

If you are interested to see behind the scenes, I will be posting an update to my blog in the near future.

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Absolutely loved the concept for this one. It actually felt like I was chatting to someone it was great! Good work and nicely polished!

Hey CountMoxi,

Thank you for your inspiring comment. It really helps to push a solo game dev forward. I am already hard at work to make things a lot clearer as well as finishing off all the animations. I hope to have 10 different fantasies finished for the next update :D

I hope that we both grow together as game devs!

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Really impressed on the amount of content so far good work! Had me hooked for a good 20 mins, but I'm a sucker for turn based combat, add in lewd images and job done! I didn't find any bugs in my playthrough and everything was clear.

The thing that I must admire the most is the design of the game, it all flows beautifully and is balanced very well! I look forward to seeing the updates!

I loved the pixel art mixed with vector art for the sex scenes. You've got a good interaction base there, and love that you have gone for a more curvacious lady!

I was a bit confused with the controls at the start, and what I could and could not interact with, but I read your games page and all was revealed. Perhaps what might help is some sort of indicator pops up when you get near to things you can interact with!

You've got a good base here and I can't wait to see how this develops! :D

Nice little game and good flow, I had fun playing it. I didn't know what to do while I was waiting for my drinkers to get a heart, so my poor character got very dizzy :D

Thanks for putting in the time for the GameJam! It sounds like you had quite a set of set backs, but still managed to get something in. Good work :D

Hey Everyone,

Just been messing around with the art today, and a few balancing of algorithms to make sure income to upgrade spendage is correct.

Meanwhile I have a preview track for the ambient music of the game, be sure to check it out :D

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

Update 5

Hey everyone,

Not so much writing today and more pictures. Yay! I've added a payment system to the game, where succubi demand a pleasure wage for being under your service. As they are very lustful creatures and have needs too!

3d Modeling is still chugging away... I've created 2 more buildings and the base succubus model for the game. Next step is adding the animations to each action you can rush.

I've tried to colour code each building with each specific action to help the player recognise actions by colours. There really isn't much more to say apart from I can't wait for you to get your hands on it and give it a go :D

Until Next Time

Bad Rock

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Thanks Jubell, I appreciate the recognition.

I must admit time is flying by quicker than I'd like though. But I'm doing my best and just chugging away! I will definitely have something playable by the deadline...Whether Ulric the Unity Cube is still staring in it somewhere is a different question lol.

How's work on your game going?

Bad Rock

Update 4

Hey Everyone, Work has begun on the modeling the buildlings and enviornment to give myself a break from the coding and balancing. Below is a snapshot of the Dream Invader both in blender and in game. Your succubi will use this building to invade the dreams of men and women to acquire fantasies for your coven. I plan on adding a few particle systems to each buildling, but my first aim is to get them made.

I have been hard at work on the Upgrades menu, and building in the functionality to building the power of your coven. All the code is complete, I just need to hook up the UI and get everything talking to each other correctly. Happy with progress so far, but the days are creeping away! Good luck everyone!

As always if you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate! Until next time


Update 3

Hey Everyone,

The Lemsip has won! The cold is held at bay and development is happening full steam ahead. So I bring you yet another update of legally drug induced game dev typing!

In Demonic Desires your coven is rated by the amount of pleasure that they can convert into Lust Crystals.

Players can convert pleasure at the Lust Temple which takes 4 game hours to complete, regardless of the amount you are trying to convert. Lust Crystals will serve as Victory Points in this game, and players will be rated on their performance earning renown to spend on unlocking different fantasies and succubi at the main menu.

Pleasure is earned by sending your Succubi through the Portal of Desire, where they enter the realms of men to help them live out their deepest sexual fantasies. The amount of pleasure earned is determined by the power of your covens fantasy. So if a Coven has a high Orgy power, then more resources will be earned.

As always if you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate! Until next time


Update 2

Hey Everyone, Progress has been going well despite personal illness, (I managed to catch myself a cold... awww). It's funny how well the subconscious mind takes over when the conscious one is consuming far too much lemsip. Anyway enough on that...

This update is still all about getting the core functionality down. The “Peek-A-Succubus” system is all working, where players will be able to take a sneak view as to what their naughty little succubi are getting up to. Be it sleeping, influencing the dreams of unknowing mortals, or fucking their brains out. (Granted it's just a pink cube at the moment, but I have imagination!)

The Succubi inventory is now fully functional, and the equip menu is all working too. The screen will update along with the number of unequipped succubi you own. As well as a small information screen having been drafted out, which will be the key to letting players know how powerful their succubi are.

As always if you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate! Until next time


Hey Everyone,

After taking a shift to making NSFW games in early September this year, I was eagerly awaiting the Lewd Jam for 2017, and its finally here!

As with all gamejams I always enter with K.I.S.S on my mind – Keep It Simple Stupid! So for Lewd Jam 2017 I would like to present my worker placement clicker game – Demonic Desires.


Players will control one of many rivaled overlords who rule over their very own covern of Succubi. Their purpose? To make the fantasies of mortal men become a reality. The Reckoning is in just 20 days... Will your Covern be the dominant, or will you submit to another lords will?

Progress So Far:

When starting out a games production, I try and focus purely on getting the base mechanics set up so that I can play may game as soon as possible. The sooner a playable prototype is finished, the sooner the fun can be found. So the famous Unity cube is used a lot... (It's somewhat a local celebrity in my house).

I like to work with 3d environments, so the majority of my game will be realised in 3d. So far I have implemented pretty much all the base mechanics.

- Players can move their succubi by clicking and dragging them to the appropriate building, where they will complete, over time, a specific covern boosting action.

- Succubi will have a countdown timer to complete each task, but players will be able to "rush" these tasks by holding right click. You will also get a sneak peak at what the succubi is doing (The Kinkier the better)

My target is to get the actual game finished by this coming monday, which will leave me 10 days to do all the art assets and final polish.

Until Next Time


Nice suggestion dude! I'm busy working on the update and I have the basic deckbuilder prototyped. I just need to implement the save/load feature to it then we can go live :D.

Hey FeatherRuler,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you found it fun! I agree there needs to be a lot more depth to the game. My next step is to create a deck builder which will allow you to unlock collectable cards.

I like your card Suggestions. I wonder what special effect Pussy Footing would have...?

I do plan on having themed cards. For Example all the cards you have seen so far will be part of the "Vanilla" themed deck. I hope to have a "Toy" and "Fetish" Deck too.

Thanks for your comment.

Kind Regards

Bad Rock!

Noted, this bug will be fixed for the next build :D

Hey Gozieson,

Both excellent suggestions. Thank you. I will be sure to take them into consideration on my next update!

Your suggestions are appreciate greatly.

Bad Rock

Hey Gozieson,

This has to be one of the best bug reports I've ever received: detailed problem and it comes with its own solution too! I am lucky to have such supportive players!

Thank you for taking the time to try it out.

Kind Regards

Bad Rock


First let me thank you for taking the time to give it a go and respond. I will jot down in my notes and aim to find a solution.

Which parts did you find hard to read? Did you feel it was the colours that made it difficult to read or the font?

Next update is going to include deckbuilding. Which will enable you to start a collection of many different yuri positions!

Thank you once again!

Bad Rock

Please post any suggestions you might have for Sapphica: The Ascension here.

Welcome to Sapphica: Ascension. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it! Please share with all your naughty friends and I will do my best to get updates to you and make more games!

Please feel free to post a comment about how your experience was with the game.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Hey Everyone,

Any bugs found please place here with details of what happened and where. I will try to resolve these as soon as I can :D.

Devlog 3

Not a very big dev log this one, as most of the things I have been working on have been the art and animations. I have pretty much animated all of the cards for the game now, and updated the UI. It is pretty much down to the testing and finishing touches!

I can't wait to get this out there for your guys to play.

Until next time...

Bad Rock

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Devlog 2

After a few days of working on the art assets I have now pretty much got my complete framework down for my prototype level. You can now play a complete game against the computer with win and lose conditions.

My choice of 3d modelling software is Blender. It speaks beautifully with unity and if you save the file directly into unity, can allow for some very quick prototyping of my first scene. Above is one of the cabinets that you can see in the final snapshot of what I have so far. I like to keep my models low poly, as I like the style, and is good for performance.

Things added this update:

  • 3d Art Asset: Bed, Cabinet, Wall, Base Girl Mesh (definitely beats the skeletons)

  • Animation framework extended – when player plays a card, the girl will play her test animations

  • Easily customizable special abilities – (Special Abilities saved as scriptable objects, allowing for easy drag and drop implementation)

  • Change to HP, now players have to max out the opponents pleasure to defeat their enemy.

  • Full Win/Lose conditions: if you run out of cards from your deck you lose, if you max out on pleasure you lose.

Next on the agenda is populating the animations for the few cards I have implemented, then get the first prototype out for play! As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to send me a private message.

Yours in Lewdness

Bad Rock

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Sapphic: Ascension

In the future, Human sexuality became more open and adventurous. People were encouraged to find and follow there fantasies and desires, no matter how imaginative or vibrant. Cults grew dedicated to satisfy the unique pleasures to all those who are willing to rise through the ranks and earn the privilege to be a part of their dreams and fantasies.

Sapphica is the most prestigious and renowned lesbian cult on the planet. Will you rise through the ranks and romance your way to your every desire...

  • Sapphica is a 1 Vs 1 Card Dueling Game.

  • Players take it in turns to play cards and must defeat their opponent by making them orgasm first.

  • Each card has a mana cost and has its own tactical advantage – such as increasing your mana pool or giving pleasure to enemy.

  • 3d animations will play to mimic what is happening in the battle.


Devlog 1

I began working on this game just over 9 days ago as an idea to bring a fun NSFW game to the scene. I have the layout fully planned, and the base mechanics down and working. So far I have:

  • Click and Drag play mechanic

  • Functioning Mana Pool

  • Functioning Card Draw

  • Base card mechanics, such as Damaging enemy and recovering own HP

  • The Base Framework for the 3d animations

  • Basic Enemy AI

Below is a snapshot of what I have made so far. I use the skeletons below in all of my prototyping. This is to test that the animation calls are working correctly. So far everything is firing as expected. Which means I can now work on the characters I am going to have in the game.

My next step is to work a bit more on the Art side of things. I plan on having the first 3d animations done by the end of this week.

I have a number of different card decks planned which are NSFW, so if you have any questions or are interested in what direction I am taking this please feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to share.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Take it easy

Bad Rock