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Have you tried ?

If you are new to development, then, I think assets are the least to worry about right now. If it's 3D you would like to tackle, perhaps you can use placeholder objects such as different sized cubes or cylinders to move around and to interact with. For more visual fidelity, there are so many free 3D assets out there. Collecting separate assets will provide a better look for your game but their art style may differ so you may end up doing your own or hiring help later in the project.

It's usually easier to find proper 2D assets. One great source was mentioned above. Also, since you didn't mention that it should be free, there is also

Thank you for your help. I'll keep your suggestions in mind next time.

I'm sorry to hijack this topic but I have the same problem too. I've waited the required 24 hours as it was pointed out in your guidelines. Then, I've written to support email. It's been a few days since then with no answer and no indexing either. I made the game public on Tuesday if a more precise timeline matters.