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Yesterday morning my aged, heart-failing cat was euthanized. This game made accepting it ever so slightly easier. Thanks.

It's a cute Celeste clone with some overly slippery jumps, but I can't handle Jungle-6. That much backtracking, requiring so much precise movement over so long a period (around a minute and a half?) just isn't fun at all. Some of your students, I'm afraid, are better at this than others. The little bits of dialog at certain spots in the levels is a neat engine touch, though.

Everyone is so expressive in this, both words and animation! Very nice work!

Nothing too out of the ordinary here but I like all the bits where the characters identify things they actually want and do stuff or say stuff out loud to try to make it happen, and the pictures are solid, nice work

I don't think the parody names are useful, because readers either a) recognize the shows just as they would have if the names hadn't been changed or b) don't recognize the shows and are unable to google them. But otherwise this felt like a very unique idea for a story, wide-ranging and well-executed, emphasizing that people can disagree but get along and even enjoy the disagreements.

Nice and uplifting

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The hazard of having so few testers on a puzzle game is there are bound to be alternate solutions that don't get caught. By the end of the game it felt like 50-50 odds that a level would be beatable without using all the pieces, even while getting the emblems... even 4-24 and 4-25 had easier solutions. Also the very frequent Custom([file_write,stderr]) crashes were a bother, though fortunately they never lost me any progress. But when it's working, it's working well. Good readable graphics and good commitment to a single moveset. I had fun 105%ing this.

Maybe playing this at 2am just made everything hit harder, but this felt really powerful. Numbness was a good metaphor for getting used to loneliness, especially as part of the broader temperature metaphor. It was nice to see the main character constantly realizing things about herself. I'm not convinced the final sequence with the hospitalization and timeskip was really necessary though.

Most of the game feels like filler, constantly walking back and forth across the same area. I did like the bouncing scarecrow.

Wish fulfillment, certainly, yet cute and colorful with cats

Cute little bite-sized horror tale, though Sofia didn't feel very fleshed out. She's just "modern girl," she experiences strange stuff happening to her and resolutely doesn't mention any of it out loud (presumably because that would stand out as unusual in the Amelie route).

It's amazing how much art and gameplay is crammed into so short a time, and almost all of it very easy to understand!

A good game, everything is nicely intuitive and being able to shoot upwards (through walls even) is a total gamechanger. No complaints, had a nice time.

I think really I agree with everything here. The end levels makes me repeat too much, but otherwise it's a good game and everything works.

8-bit Megaman is really not my thing but some of the level themes are nice and colorful, so I appreciate that part

is that some are inevitably much harder to dodge than others, so the difference between a successful run and a failed run feels less like it was the player doing well and more like the player randomly not having to work as hard that time.

Interesting game though, I was expecting something more like Run Gun Jump Gun but the holes didn't end up mattering much for most of the game. Really effective illustration of how much a single game can progress in difficulty. The "secret characters" were cute additions.

The only sliding block puzzle I've ever enjoyed

A solid hour's diversion! I totally forgot about the slowdown key until the final stage, so that might have saved me some time, idk. Cool to see so much variety in obstacles in an ostensibly simple formula.

I played a few random stages not really knowing what I was doing, then suddenly everything clicked and I beat every level in a row. That's a good progression!

This is very cool! I'm always a fan of getting a lot of mileage out of a small play area and/or set of pieces, and this does both with aplomb. If I had one suggestion it would be that in levels 7 and 8, I had to switch colors so frantically it was easy to lose track of which walls were or weren't solid: maybe if unsolid walls could be partially darkened, like half-black-half-orange? Otherwise everything was nice and cleanly conveyed. :)

It may be the top part here? It definitely confuses some things sometimes.

Very cool... a clever combination of reusing the existing space for each puzzle while also coming up with good excuses to present new areas. Solid artwork with strong character designs.

This was nice! It's easy for VNs to go on for too long and this didn't really have that problem, and it's always good to have magic and snacks around.

Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic TV

I liked the TV show in here. It can be fun when games have extra things inside of them that aren't just the regular gameplay. I played this with a friend and we felt sorry for the main character and hoped at least one of the endings gave her something nice.

I've played a lot of racial justice bundle games at this point but WitchWay is one of my favorites, it's so clever setting up lots of different puzzles with the same set of mechanics, to the point I can understand if you don't feel there's really any more ground to be explored in this vein. Thanks for making such a charming time, I've recommended it to a few other people.

This is cute! Fun sparkly colors and always stuff to do.

It's neat to see another game in the same genre as Wunderling! Not as much polish, but the different powerups were a good idea that added a lot of variety and new things to pay attention to. I did think the final level was way too long, though, past the point of what I was willing to play through again each time I missed a single fish if I was aiming for perfection in that level like every other. And the parallax speeds in the castle didn't seem to make sense. But mostly this was a rewarding and fairly unique experience.

cityglitch community · Created a new topic Tricky

I definitely didn't manage to get all the fastest times but I did ultimately beat everything, even if sometimes only by process of elimination. It's really impressive how many different challenges you could wring out such tiny boards and such a finite set of pieces. Nice work.

Trying to infuse rhythm-based gameplay into other genres is always such an exciting endeavor! The graphics probably needed some more detail to be this zoomed out, but there are some fun design ideas at work here.

I kind of wish the feet had shown up more? But it's so nice to have a game featuring such an underrepresented main character like this, and all the glowing lights looked great against the gloomier backgrounds.

How cute! The common-word nature of the magical girls' names sometimes made it hard to tell when they were being addressed, but in general this was a lovely little take on the subject with a good amount of interactivity and no unneeded darker elements.

This was an interesting departure from most multiroute VNs... we get accustomed to all routes ending just about as well as one another, plus maybe one True Ending which somehow fixes all the problems in all the others. This game is more complicated. I'm not genuinely sure how I feel about this particular execution but I enjoyed having a different experience than what I expected, to give me something to think about in future. Also, the grandpa scenes were a nice and touching thing to include.

I liked this and can't really think of any complaints! It nailed the atmosphere it was going for without trying to be too ambitious.

This is quite ambitious! There were definitely moments where I couldn't figure out what to do, or tell whether something was meant to have happened or not, but I was engaged throughout and I bet this was a really interesting project to put together.

I like the colorful trees

A Mortician's Tale community · Created a new topic Good

I don't have much to say that isn't obvious... this isn't stuff we see depicted very often as a society, in games or otherwise, so it's cool that this exists to broaden people's horizons. The muted, yet consistent color palette was enjoyable. No complaints really.

Ultimately I think I'm not on board with the models of romance this game had to offer. Three guys who ranged from disrespecting to actively disliking the heroine, and a fourth who was a young child she was in a position of power over. I made it to the end of one of the routes, which was very long, but there weren't enough chances for her to be happy without everyone tearing into her all the time as an easy target. I generally enjoyed the very round graphics with their faint gradients and shading, though.

I played this a few months back and remember thinking it was nice but not varied enough to keep my interest. There are an admirable number of options of board size, etc., but none of them make a huge difference to the core gameplay, which is what I didn't fully connect with. Also the controls took a little more work than I expected in some way. But the presentation and such is generally great, even if not for me personally.