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I've never purchased any of your assets before because they typically don't fit with the style I'm using... But I couldn't resist this one, and I'd love to see some more of them.

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Ah, okay: Literally EVERY other pack of Effekseer animations I've ever used for MZ tells me to drag the individual animation files into the Effects folder, which is what I did at first... I still don't understand why your animations don't work using that method because all the others do, but after I simply copied the entire folder instead of just the files, it worked instantly. Thanks!

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How do you set up the particle animations? I can get the MV-style sprite sheets to work with no problem, but the effekseer files aren't doing anything... I can't get any of them to work at all, they just show a black screen. Same with the Astrology pack.

The download says its for 1.8.4, but once downloaded the js file says it's 1.8.3 -- is that a typo, or is the download not updated yet?

Haven't purchased yet, but I'm sure it has to be better than Visustella's own lighting plugin -- gives me horrible slowdown with a single light, and I'm running on a maxed out 2020 Mac Mini that can handle almost anything else I throw at it.

Man, these are awesome! Looks like I might have a bit of a challenge squeezing some of them into RPG MAKER though...

Nice! I love all the little hanging vine thingies, makes the map look more natural and not as rectangular -- the inorganic boxiness of most RPG Maker games makes them pretty unappealing to look at, so I typically have to parallax the crap out of everything to cover it up... This could help!

Did you ever get a response? Because I have the same problem...

This is a rip-off, there are absolutely no files in the package.

Dang, these are top-notch!

Weird, but the price is right and I might actually find a use for it... Perhaps an area that features a bit of a yin/yang duality, or a dimension made of abstract concepts and shapes? But the title caught my attention more than the tiles themselves, and got me thinking: How about a vaporwave-inspired tileset, with lots of neon signs and a pastel-colored glowing aesthetic?

I'm assuming most of these can't be used in a commercial game since they "contain elements of" other commercial songs? The notes suggest the whole album is under a Creative Commons license but I find it hard to believe that it would be legal to just throw elements of copyrighted songs into a published commercial work...

Very nice! But I, too, would like to know what the license terms are...

Awesome concept! I had been trying to think of a way to do something similar with a minigame or simple cut-scene that I intend to add inside a much larger game that I'm developing with RPG MAKER... But you executed it far more brilliantly than I could have.

Ah, there they are! I thought it looked like the file list looked just a tad different in my Finder window, but I looked at all of them one-by-one and still managed to miss it somehow, lol. But those are AWESOME! Thanks a bunch!!!

How do we get the update if we purchased from your website? I just re-downloaded my order and I don't see anything new or different...

Now this is one I've been needing! I was aiming for something with more of an outdoor festival vibe, but since it's going to be a night-time scene these should still fit in nicely... Great work on this one!

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Mine isn't running on an M1 chip or fancy GPU, but I have 64gb RAM to help with my other main hobby of music production... I don't know squat about graphics or programming, but a working update would be great because it looks like I pretty much can't use it as it is.


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This is so insanely slow it's practically freezes the entire game.I have to use a Delay value of 0.0000001 just to get it to transition at all, and it's still so choppy that it looks terrible... That's with almost nothing else going on, and I'm running on a maxed-out 2020 Mac Mini.

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How do you use this? Every animation I've used up till now only has an .efkefc file and some textures, I've never used or even seen a camera.view file or .efk file before...

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Nice timing! I was just mulling over airship ideas and feeling a bit unsatisfied with the options I had available, but this looks like it just might do the trick! And I have a neat idea to make it even better: Take just the balloon / blimp part and attach it to the top of the old parallax pirate ship in your free assets collection -- since you gave us a version that doesn't have the sails, it's as easy as simply pasting it on top of the masts! Gonna give that a shot when I get some free time to see how it looks.

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The colors of this one made me finally think of a theme that I'd REALLY love to request: Peacocks. The game I'm making deals heavily with actual occult "pathworking" imagery which incorporates a lot of religious and mythological figures, but there's one very important and enigmatic character that I don't have any good assets for, and that's Melek Taus, "the Peacock Angel." Some have tried to portray him as a symbol of the "world soul" similar to the Gnostic goddess Sophia, others have drawn connections to the mysterious Blue God of the fae / faery religion (if you'd call it that), but the Iraq tribe that worships him claim that he is actually Shaitan (Satan), who redeemed himself after crying for a thousand years and thus quenching the fires of hell, then creating the universe out of a Cosmic Egg. It'd be awesome if you could do some kind of tileset relevant to that -- perhaps some floor tiles with peacock eye designs on them, peacock statues, a flashy Peacock Throne, etc... 

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I just purchased this and noticed that only the first card player works, apparently because it's using the plugin command... If I talk to any of the other four players, the game crashes with the "Reference Error: tripleTriad not defined" message -- those player events are using the script call instead of the plugin command. I wouldn't have understood this if I hadn't seen another comment here that mentions it, so I guess the demo file still hasn't been updated... And even when it works, I can sometimes get into a situation where the game simply crashes in the middle of a card game, with the message "TypeError - Cannot set property 'undefined' of undefined," but I don't yet understand the rules of the game well enough to guess what went wrong.

I like it! The game I'm making has a mix of both mythical and modern-day elements, and I have a lot of scenes where dance / EDM / rock music can really add to the vibe... Very good chance that I'll end up using one or more of these, thanks!

I've been asking that about several other packs, but it seems like they're avoiding those questions...  -_-

HOLY MOLY, that Asset Bundle!!! If that's what you were referring to, I think calling that a "big" sale was a HUGE understatement, lol.

Oh nice, thanks a bunch for the heads up!

Are the animations in the first Elemental pack actually compatible with MZ? That one doesn't mention any updates to include Effekseer files...

I hope you have plans to update this one for MZ, I want these sooooo bad!