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Just a heads up: The MZ project in this pack can't be opened ("can't read the actor.json file"), and the MV project is missing half of the animations. I can still get them to work by manually setting up all the animations from scratch in my own project, but it's kind of pointless to have demo projects when they aren't set up correctly.

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Wow, already been over a year since I made this comment, lol. But I discovered what the underlying issue was: While the Mac Mini that I'm working on is, as I've said, a beast of a system, the one thing it doesn't have is a decent graphics card -- it seems to use only about 1536mb for graphics, and it's basically stuck with that. This never struck me as an issue until I started thinking about what kind of minimum system setup would be required for players to run my game, and I noticed that the RPG MAKER engine itself typically needs at least 1gb of VRAM... So I'd already been developing in it for several years using just a fraction of the power that was recommended for it, lol. I just recently got into working with After Effects, and got an old Sonnet Breakaway Puck RX570 eGPU to speed things up... When that 4gb is running, your animation flows smoothly and without a hitch! My guess is that it would work equally well with just 1gb, so my issue was pretty much a non-issue.

I'd definitely be interested in a scifi overworld! Especially if it fits well with your other overworld pack -- I wasn't even going to bother with an overworld in my game at all until I saw that one, and had to get it right away!

I've been planning on making the end of my game steer towards more of a "space opera" direction, and this is just perfect! Those desert interiors are excellent as well, keep up the great work!! <3

Finally had to purchase something, because the stuff you've given away for free is just too darn good! :p

I played with it for a few minutes this morning and figured it out: When using the "Show Full Picture" command, the Main Settings have an option to choose the Origin / Anchor point for the image, and I think I started out using "Center." Using any of those options other than the default "UpperLeft" will display the image correctly, but it seems that the Breath effect does not acknowledge the image offsets that are caused by the other choices; As soon as the effect is applied, the image will snap back to the position that corresponds to using the default "UpperLeft" anchor point. The floating and shaking effects don't have that issue, just the breathing effect.

The new options for layer / container placement are a godsend! But I was playing around with it just now and I think there's something wrong with the breathing effect:

When I turn it on, the picture completely disappears. I tried messing around with the "Power" value and when I crank it up really high -- say, to around 0.05 -- I can see the top of my picture (in my current instance, it's the very top / head of a character bust) flickering at the bottom border of the screen. I have no idea what in the world is going on there, but I have a Visustella plugin that has the exact same feature and it works fine, so I guess that's a work-around for me, if I actually need that feature... Although it can only apply that effect to it's own generate pictures, and not the ones generated by your plugin.

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Ah, that's so ridiculously simple, I don't know why I was expecting it to require more steps... And I guess I kinda forgot about my question too, lol, but thanks for finally responding! And the new feature is gonna be super-handy too, great work!

How would you set up a constant color-changing effect like you show near the end of the demo video? I'm a big fan of using the Hue Shift commands that are available by default for parallax and fog layers, but I want to do something like that with characters and other sprites.

Yeah, I have a Discord, not really very familiar with it but I'll get on there and give that a try... Thanks!

I purchased this pack on Steam this past weekend (they had a small discount on it), but never received the content... This may be an issue with Steam, and thus might not have anything at all to do with you, but I figured I'd message you directly to make you aware of it in case there actually was some issue with the files being delivered to them... Because their support team is wearing out my patience by repeatedly suggesting "solutions" that I told them I had already tried in the very first email. The content simply doesn't exist, there's nothing that I can download, and I've been repeating this to their support team for going on 3 days now.

I already own a lot of your other packs and have never had any issues with them, but when I look at the Properties tab for the RPG MAKER software, it shows the Doomsday pack in the list of DLC that I own, along with all the other packs... But in the area where it should list the file size, its just blank, suggesting that they don't actually have any files to download -- and so of course there is no pack in my game's local DLC folder. 

Again, it may be entirely their fault, but I figured I'd make you aware of it in case there's something you can do about it or something you might need to contact them about... Because I'm not having any luck with them.

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I think what you're asking for is something like a "pixel movement" plugin... I don't think I've seen one from Hakuen (he can correct me if I'm wrong), but you can find a few from other plugin developers with a quick Google search: Raizen's "Ignis Pixel Movement" plugin is perhaps the easiest to work with.

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Nice! I'm not in a huge hurry for it anyways, but when I saw that effect I had a sudden case of "shiny object syndrome" and wanted to find a way to do it in my own project, lol. I could always just throw some text on a png image, display it as a picture, and then hue shift that... But that's obviously not a very fast or optimized way to go about it. I'll try to remember to keep my eyes out for that feature, though it'll be a bit hard since I don't know what plugin it will get added to... But it's certainly attractive enough that it would be worth paying for.

Hello again... Do you know of any plugin for MZ that can do something like a hue-shift effect on text? I'm specifically after the flashy effect that Salik (the guy who used to do the "RPG MAKER NEWS" thing on YouTube) used in this video, starting at about 59:03. If such a thing doesn't currently exist, would it be possible for you to make one?

Dang, these look great -- especially for the price!

How do you get the game to progress if you lose? In the demo project, when I lose it plays the defeat image but then the screen remains focused on the arena forever and none of the buttons on the keyboard do anything... It's just stuck there until I close the game window. I can see in the Event where there's a "you stink" message if Switch 2 is turned on (when defeated), but I guess it's not activating for some reason? Just looked at the plugin settings, and you have "no defeat" set to TRUE, so everything should respawn for another game... Correct? Because that isn't happening either. I tried toggling that and the "Fully Recovery" option, but they have no effect -- the game simply locks up when I lose. I assume something isn't triggering the switch like it's supposed to.

That's an awful lot of text up above, I apologize for being too lazy to read it all but I just have one quick, simple question: If I want to use this for just a few small areas of my game, and have normal side-view battles the rest of the time -- that's possible, right? As in: This is more like an additional option, and not a replacement for normal battles?

I believe just about everything on itch allows you to do that... When you come back to the product page there will be a ticker near the top of the screen stating that you've already purchased it, with the option to download your items -- when you go to the download page you should always see the latest versions.

What kind of files does Bakin use for animations? Can it import sprite sheet or effekseer animations at all, or does it use something different?

Awesome sauce, thanks!

I noticed the same compatibility problem where Events Move Core disables the character rotation, but I just looked at another plugin with similar functions and the person who made it also noted the exact same problem -- and mentioned that it is specifically the dash tilt option in the Events Move Core that is causing the conflict. If you don't feel like you need that turned on, you can turn it off and the character rotation will work. I kinda like the tilted dash though, so I hope someone eventually figures out a way to get them to work together...

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The video demonstrates a pretty weird and impractical scenario that I can't imagine anyone would actually use this for, but I get the intended purpose... So just to clarify: Using this, I could make it to where the actor's portrait changes to a hurt face for as long as he's poisoned, and then have it automatically change back to normal as soon as he's cured?

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Thanks a lot!  Some of that will probably remain a bit fuzzy to me until I've actually done it myself, but the little hints you threw in there are exactly what I was looking for (especially since I saw another user's submission page warning people not to download his files because something about his deployment attempt didn't quite jive with something that was expecting, so he was going to have to make a new upload).  And now I'd better get back to work! ;-)

Can someone point me to a quality tutorial on how to do deployment? I've never gotten far enough along in a project to even bother attempting it before, but I'm in a rush right now trying to finish up my game jam entry and don't want to miss the deadline simply because I can't figure out how this works... I'm running on a Mac, btw, but I have a spare laptop with Windows running in Bootcamp if it's necessary to move it in order to deploy a Windows version of the game (and hopefully not as painfully time-consuming as it sounds).

I'm on Mac, and pressing F12 doesn't seem to do anything at all for me... I did, however, identify exactly which plugin is causing the conflict: Visustella's "Choice Common Events," which has no settings that I can fool with. Fortunately, after looking at it I think I can do away with that one and use your plugin in its place; Yours seems to do everything it does and then some, so there's really no need for the other. Problem solved, I guess!

Also: Just noticed that the Choice Manager plugin has some conflicts with other messaging plugins from Visustella: I can add my own simple yes/no choice event in your demo project and it works, but when I do the exact same thing in mine it crashes before the text window above it can even finish displaying, and gives me either a "cannot read property of 'name' of undefined" (or 'enabled' of undefined), followed by "nwjs quit unexpectedly." I went into my plugins list and deactivated everything from Visustella that was message-related and it started working. Think I'll go through those plugins and see if any of them happen to have a way to move ordinary choice windows, because apparently I'll have to decide on using either theirs or yours, unless I can find a particular setting that would sidestep the problem.

My resolution is 1280x720.  There are no offset values in the plugin to start with, but whatever default settings it has seem to override the few alignment options that the plain old MZ editor gives me, so I have to play around with the plugin's offset values to get the choice window where I want it. Some values still don't seem to move it where I expect it too, as if changing the numbers within a certain range doesn't seem to the window at all, until I reach a certain value where the window jumps past where I was trying to put it. Whether that's a new issue or a plugin conflict or just me doing something wrong, I can still manage to make it come close enough to doing what I want... But I guess I'll go ahead and ditch the Move Choices plugin altogether anyways, since you said the other one is more updated.

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Thanks, I may end up that instead but I just figured out what was going on: I tried putting this plugin into the demo project for your ChoiceManager plugin, and it worked just fine in there -- but I noticed that the choice box aligned waaaaaaay over on the far right edge of the screen, even with your project's extremely wide resolution... In my project (which also uses a pretty wide resolution), the default alignment setting causes it to "appear" completely outside of the That obviously explains why I could hear the cursor moving without seeing anything, lol. So I simply changed the alignment to "center" and that reeled it in to where I could actually see it, but it was STILL a good ways towards the right side of the screen for some reason, rather than in the center. 

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I tried this out so I could reposition the "game start" menu on my title screen, and it works PERFECTLY for that... But when I went back to other maps in my game that had normal choice options, it broke them all by making the choice menu completely disappear; It's still there, but it's invisible so I can't tell what's being selected. I need all of my other choice menu options to appear while the text box above it is still displayed -- such as when NPC is asking a question the player needs to respond to -- but with this plugin active, it seems like I can only get it to display one or the other (text box or choice box), and not both at the same time. I don't like the thought of having choices on screen while the player can no longer see what they're responding to, as that could lead to some confusion, and it just looks weird. Is there a way around this that I'm not seeing? 

Awesome, I appreciate it! I noticed that I also had the sprite sheet version set up, and while that one doesn't have the same lagging issue, it simply doesn't look good compared to the Effekseer version -- nowhere near as smooth as far as sharpness or movement -- but that may be due to the fact that I'm using a very wide screen resolution, which tends to stretch and distort most full-screen sprite effects. I really wish DreamsCircle would remake some of their old sprite sheet animations, but I guess they decided to not bother with converting any more of them when MZ got the update allowing us to use MV animations.

I've had this animation pack for a while and assumed that everything was set up and working correctly because all of them play just fine in the database portion of MZ's editor, but just recently started trying to actually use them on the map screen... All of them seem to work fairly well except for the Supernova animation (the one I most wanted to use), which stutters and plays super-jittery as if my frame rate has dropped, making it almost unusable. I don't understand why this would happen, because I have a pretty powerful Mac Mini (64bg RAM) and every other animation that I own -- including some which appear to be even more complex -- is still working flawlessly. Any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks, I've been needing a good Stonehenge!

Seriously, we shouldn't even need a plugin for this; I'm trying to make my own Title Screen menu using choice events, and the window is placed right where I want my title text / logo to appear, and by default there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's almost infuriating how they managed to leave out so many little quality-of-life options like that, even after releasing dozens of plugins for everything else.

On the contrary, I wasn't even going to bother spending a measly $2.50 on this pack because I don't know if I'll ever actually use it... Even the free ones that I've just downloaded are more of a "eh, maybe someday" kinda thing. But after seeing this heart-warming little interaction, I'm gonna go ahead and pay for it, cuz just knowing that people like this exist in the game dev community has already added value to my day. ;-)

It says there are MV-compatible sprites included (48x48), those will work exactly the same in MZ. The newest update to the MZ engine also added the ability to work with most of the smaller sprite sizes as well -- tho I found it very inconvenient to work with, because [when dealing with 16x16 tile sets] I can't seem to zoom the map editor screen enough to get a detailed look at what I'm doing.

I've never purchased any of your assets before because they typically don't fit with the style I'm using... But I couldn't resist this one, and I'd love to see some more of them.

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Ah, okay: Literally EVERY other pack of Effekseer animations I've ever used for MZ tells me to drag the individual animation files into the Effects folder, which is what I did at first... I still don't understand why your animations don't work using that method because all the others do, but after I simply copied the entire folder instead of just the files, it worked instantly. Thanks!

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How do you set up the particle animations? I can get the MV-style sprite sheets to work with no problem, but the effekseer files aren't doing anything... I can't get any of them to work at all, they just show a black screen. Same with the Astrology pack.

The download says its for 1.8.4, but once downloaded the js file says it's 1.8.3 -- is that a typo, or is the download not updated yet?

Haven't purchased yet, but I'm sure it has to be better than Visustella's own lighting plugin -- gives me horrible slowdown with a single light, and I'm running on a maxed out 2020 Mac Mini that can handle almost anything else I throw at it.