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hahahahahhah wtf

Cool stuff. The art style and the exectution are really good :)

Love it! Very nice idea and clever execution :D

Love the visuals and the atmosphere. Maybe it should be polished a bit more from the gameplay perspective but it's definetely a cool idea :)

Love it! Nice idea and also very cool visuals :)

Cool stuff

A bit too hard in my opinion but the theme is definetely  on :)

Hahahaha funny game, definitely out of control!

Took a while to understand how it works but overall it is a fun game :D

We didn't except that mechanic to turn that way either LOL

Thank you very much :)
We would have liked to polished the game but our coder left the team halfway through the jam

Thank you very much :)

Thank you!

Hahahahah thank you. Sadly our programmer left us halfway through so we didn't even implement the final mechanic.

Thank you! Sadly our developer left us alone half-way through the jam so we didn't properly balance the game and polish it

Thank you!