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T'was Glorious

Sometimes I have to avoid looking at the front page because I know I'll find something awesome and start getting distracted.

Great advice,  thank you.
Now if only there was a convention within 1,000 miles of me.

Sorry if it caused any trouble! I'm hoping to find a better way to handle updates now that they are infrequent.
If you have any more trouble let me know at:

No amount of words can express my love for this.


- It stores them in two places: install disc>users>(you)>AppData (Which may be a hidden folder so you might have to "search" the next one) local>Caribbean_Sail_AG - and the other location is: AppData>roaming>The_Caribbean_Sail_Launcher - it will always install over the previous version to not waste space :)

- Buying outside of Steam is choosing DRM free and i've seen plenty of people sell keys after downloading them so I can't offer them to everyone who buys off steam- if you want a key email: and I'll happily give you one.  As for the updates, I guarantee you'll get them alongside the Steam updates. I want everyone to enjoy :)

Glad you enjoy it! I can't wait to show off the new content when it's ready

What clever use of a simple idea, I loved it!

What clever use of a simple idea, I loved it!

Name your crew, choose your profession, buy a ship, purchase supplies, harpoon fish, and sail at the mercy of the wind. If you survive the voyage and arrive in Nassau, your captain's name will be uploaded to the online leaderboard! If your crew die horribly, you can leave behind a message in a bottle.Sail to the page now!