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I thoroughly enjoyed Warden by Delyth Angharad. A light-hearted fantasy where characters may have dark pasts but they are able to counsel and support each other in moving past them. It's a delightful queer romance that doesn't dwell in angst and instead focuses on the joy and chemistry between its two leads. And most importantly, there's a flying deer-creature animal companion!

I highly recommend it and am looking forward to the next!

I'd really like to! It's definitely on the cards. Just gotta finish up a few other projects first. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Ahhh! :D Thank you so much!

Hello! FAMILIAR & FLAME comes after BOOKS & BONE. MAKING FRIENDS and TINKER & TERROR can go in any order as they are just set in the same world, although TINKER & TERROR technically takes place after BOOKS & BONE. They are short stories rather than technically sequels, though FAMILIAR & FLAME will hopefully make a nice bridge to the next book when it comes out.

Thanks so much for reading my books. I hope you enjoy them. :)

I adored this game. Fun characters, lovely map design, and a really nostalgic feel.

I hope this game gets the attention it deserves and I look forward to the next part!

It was my pleasure to contribute it to the Bundle. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and so grateful for this lovely comment! It has honestly made me day. :)

Thank you so much! Oh, I'm DELIGHTED you enjoyed it -- that's the thing that keeps me writing. I am so grateful to you for this kind comment.

And yes, I am actually writing the sequel right now! Fingers-crossed it will be out this year but ... you know, 2020.

If you'd like more in the mean time, there are a few short stories set in this world, including FAMILIAR & FLAME, which is a novelette following Usther post-BOOKS & BONE, and in which Ree appears again.

Anyway! Thank you for reading it! And thank you for supporting the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

I would like to submit my book to the bundle:

Hello! This is not a horror, no. It's very much in the vein of BOOKS & BONE, the novel world it is based on -- a fantasy with a necromancy aesthetic but more taking the world of necromancy as if it was normal, and much more focused on relationships. If you would define BOOKS & BONE or my other books as horror, though, then you are unlikely to enjoy MAKING FRIENDS.

I will say however that MAKING FRIENDS is by far grimmer than any of the other Tombtown stories, so judging by your question it is probably not what you're looking for.

I love this cover! And I'm not furry but honestly this sounds pretty cool.

Not even sure if this is allowed to be posted here since it's not a game? But I got an email from saying to announce it here so hopefully it's okay.

Hi, I'm Victoria, and this year I published my debut novel, BOOKS & BONE, with the help of Kickstarter (pre the current mess).

I've decided to try it on itch because it seems like a cool community and also has some pretty serious advantages over Amazon. Mostly, the less evil thing.

Anyway, it's currently on sale even though I just posted it because it's on sale everywhere else as well. So it's only 99c until Halloween and you get in both MOBI and EPUB formats.

Maybe someone will see this and like it!