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Hi there!

Thanks for your support. Yes, you all can support me. I am working on a new version. I stopped for a while in due covid. Today I decided to reply with some great news. I will keep updated Bforartists and Blender fork. Besides of course my Ekron game for tabletop, fiction,  and old retro computers. Selling here very soon. I was working on my side projects too.

Kind Regards


Good work

Hello everyone! It came Ekron New Engine and also new way to be produced. It came after one year to be developped. I coded like an ongoing way to see the game.  It's a dev game for now.

Hello, it came Ekron with a new engine. It's ongoing books.

Thnaks a lot. I will keep it updated.

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Hello Everyone!

Is here the Open Beta for Ekron Open RPG. Please test it and reply it.

Updated beta version for play testing.  Still in development. Who odnates will be at the contributors page on the book also on the website.

Updated aryaOS old version into orbitOS emerge open system.

Hello everyone!

I am plvicente from the official maintainer of MacOS version, at

You can check the website.

Here I am releasing the development builds also.

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Ekron Open RPG for GBA as prototype version. To be developed in the following weeks.


My game at DriveThruRPG now here. And coming a new version for here and a bundle.

An open RPG System based on d20 dice system but agnostic and not real d20 system.

Chose your path to battle!

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Hello again!

my operating system for gaming.

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my sandbox for computers and consoles.