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I've finally re-added the hints - you can see them by typing HINTS. Enjoy!

I believe I have fixed this now, thank you! The game is so old it was using document.cookie rather than localStorage, and modern browsers don't seem to like the former any more.

Glad you're enjoying the game!

So far I've rebuilt Hamlet and Zeppelin Adventure as well as this one, and I'll do the others as soon as I can, probably over the next day or three. I've temporarily removed the deprecated exe's and I'll post devlogs when I upload the new ones, so you should be able to keep track.

Thanks for your help!

I've rebuilt the exe with the latest version of HTMLExecutable, which says it fixes Windows 10 security issues - try that?

I know it's your rules and all, but I'd like to say I would definitely be up for this jam (and even have an Infocom-related game in progress currently bound for IFComp that I'd probably submit here instead) - if it weren't for the requirement for games to be in I6 or ZIL. You could limit it to parser games and everything would still be in the Infocom spirit. I think the ZIL revival is a great thing but I just haven't got the time or spoons to learn a new language. I suspect there are a lot of authors in I7 and possibly Dialogue (which compiles to Z-code)  as well.

But again, your jam, your rules. I hope it goes well.

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Sorry about that - looks like I need to find a better way of making executables. You could try this: - unzip it to a fresh folder and open index.html . Unfortunately Windows 10 security is blocking that for me as well, but your mileage may vary. I'm as certain as I can be that it's clean, unless something's gone very wrong at my hosting provider.

Thank you so much for your support. I'll look for a better way of making offline playables.

Thank you!

No, it's my own engine made with Javascript

It is. There's a particular combination of animals' abilities that you need to use.

oh man I just made a game called Zookoban too! (Don't worry, it's different enough!)

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! Y8 were using (and monetising) it without my permission, something they seem to have form on.

Y8 dot com /games/zookoban is my itchio game Zookoban harvested and monetised on their ad-funded site. As far as I can tell they're just iframing it from itch's servers, they're not hosting a copy. I've asked them to take it down but I understand itch has defenses against hotlinking, so you might want to know they're not working in this case. Thanks.

Ah, nice mechanic, thanks for explaining! It may be that you need to make that clearer, but I'm quite bad at spotting cues so maybe I missed something.

Lovely! Fond memories of Marble Madness, but your game was cuter and less cruel.

I found the controls sometimes unintuitive too, not least because my brain kept wanting to map right to  clockwise and left to anticlockwise. (Thanks to the devs for making it possible to change that!)

Nice! Reminded me of old arcade games like Asteroids

What exactly does "parry it" mean? The ball seems to get a bit faster but I'm unsure what it does.

Thanks!  You have Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) to thank for the music, "Carnival of the Animals”, I just 8-bit-ified it.

Chrome and Firefox 

Hmm, that's not right. What browser are you using? Do you have Javascript enabled and cookies/local storage allowed?

On mobile screens you might have to scroll down.

Thanks for spotting the bad link!

The green '1' to start playing from that level.

I've submitted Zookoban, a 2d animal-themed puzzler that I've had on the back burner since mid last year. Thanks for the impetus!

Play it here.

Hello all! I've joined up to finish a game called Zookoban that's been sitting three-quarters-or-so finished on my hard drive for many months.

It's an animal-themed 2d puzzler. On each level you control a bunch of animals trying to escape a zoo, and each type of animal has different skills - monkeys can climb trees, beavers can build dams across water, giraffes can stretch their necks across obstacles to make  a bridge for smaller animals, etc.

The mechanics are finished, but I need to make a bunch more levels and tweak the interface.

Here's a trailer I made last year:

Hello all, I'm Robin and I make text adventures. I've just created a page here for the analytics and pay-what-you-want capability:

My very first game was Hamlet - The Text Adventure, which I've just given its first update in about 15 years.

Some of the games (including Hamlet) are classic style type-in adventures; others use a more mobile-friendly clickable interface that mimics the feel of those games without the need for typing.

Share and Enjoy!

I played this game because of the apoplectic one-star reviews it was getting on IFDB. It's not exactly nuanced, but it expresses a justified anger skilfully and humorously enough. Thanks, author.