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Hmmm... that's really odd. Did you shoot the button to activate the door? Sometimes the button may be a little too high and you may have to jump to hit it... did the blue particles show up in front of the door at all?

Haha, no worries there. I'm actually aware of the wallhack now that you mention it only happens with doors, since I didn't put the collider all the way through the door. I found that the colliders on the doors sometimes messed with the ability to activate the doors, so I only put them from the button up. Was lazy on my part, lol.

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Thank you both for your input, I very greatly value constructive criticism like what you have provided me!

I agree that the character should only face forward or back, I never really payed attention to it while developing. I've never encountered the problem where the player bumps into background objects, since I never put colliders on background objects. If you were thinking the rocks and crates are "background objects," they're not, they were meant as obstacles to get past. I also never noticed the fact that shooting collision fails when standing close to a wall, thank you for the feedback!

Someone did suggest adding in a "peak" mechanic, where you can look into the other timezone to see which obstacles you're about to switch into, and I'm seeing that come up more and more as more people play the game, and I think it would be a good idea. If I continue to develop this project, that will definitely be something I will add in.

As for the gun warm up time, I added that in because if the gun shot automatically, the first shot would fire into the ground due to the animation smoothing between the gun raised and lowered position. It could be solved by either having the gun always in a ready position or shortening the time taken to raise the gun, but I agree that it isn't fun in its current state.

Thank you! I agree, if I had another day or two, I would've absolutely added those in. :)

Thank you! Yes, the unresponsive at times controls were an issue, I believe due to the way the physics are handled. I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game!

Thank you for the feedback! Indeed, those were all design issues that I did not know how to solve properly, given the time frame of the jam. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The A1.1 file does not contain anything for me.