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Thank you so much! I’m glad you appreciated the turtle-petting action. I’m sorry about the giant snail incident.

Thank you! It’s very nice to hear that my design goals were successful. Glad I can still make a decent sprite too ;) Thank you so much for playing!

Simple, but not bad! I enjoyed it enough to make it to the end. Using the throwing spear and kiting an enemy around to retrieve it again to keep safe from damage was fun. I wish there was more to gain from killing enemies.

Hell yeah, go for it!

Perfect use of emoji for a game that is as exactly as simple and short as it needs to be. Great idea, well-executed!

I’m intrigued by the combat! Using the level geometry to your advantage with the big enemies is good tactical gameplay. I had some trouble figuring out how my attacks and maneuvers worked, but I can see this game becoming awesome!

Took me a few tries to figure out the not-dying-to-zombies strategy! Then a wraith destroyed me :(

But it’s a cute game that plays well and kept me engaged enough to want to try again and again. Nice work!

Fantastic in every way.

I have to specifically mention that I love the way the visibility works, and the artifact variety.

This is a tough game but the colors and tileset just make me want to stay in this world and keep trying.

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Thank you! I’m pretty happy with the style too, though it took me a lot of scrapped spritework before trying out a very limited color palette.

I just added an overview of the game’s mechanics to the page description, if it helps!

Wow, this is a delight. Even before I figured out what I was doing it was a joy. The way the attacks work and how they’re represented by the generative music is brilliant. I just had some trouble keeping track of my queued movements; I wish I could see my projected path drawn in the room itself.

You definitely captured the addictive gameplay of Vampire Survivors here!

The turn-based mechanic fits quite well with the concept! My only gripe is that I wish I could speed up the movement animations so I don’t have to wait for them every time.

My first run was with the archer, and the arrows are a difficult weapon to start off with. You have to run from enemies but then you’ll never hit them when they’re on your tail and you have to soak up a lot of damage.

Next I tried the wizard with the spark weapon and was able to finish the run. The snowballing at the end was really satisfying.

I liked how the level had some special rooms with loot and monsters! The monster variety was nice too.

This was satisfying to beat, but a tad on the easy side. Every enemy I came across could be killed with normal attacks and as long as I waited between fights I never had to worry about my HP.


Overhearing the boss murmuring on the final floor was a clever and charming touch. I didn’t need to read the spoiler! I brewed up 10 boss potions in preparation for a big fight. I was genuinely surprised at what I was seeing when I threw that potion :)

This is so clever! I had seen gifs of it in action during the week but actually playing it is so much more tense than I expected. Mistakes are truly felt and I love how you get to decide how much risk to take. Very effective use of ASCII and colors too!

Love it! Failed on my first run after a couple holes, but beat it on the second run with some very lucky shots. The power ups and shot modifiers are really satisfying to build up. It was especially great to put a bunch of them to use on my final shots.

Super cute graphics! I like the swimmy background animation.

Thank you so much! I hope most people will be able to figure it out like you did.

I’m glad it was charming!

First, it’s not a competition. Do the jam for yourself.

You’re not giving the judges enough credit though. You can score quite highly as a lone dev. I know because I did with my game last year, which was my first time doing a game jam, my first roguelike, and I managed my time poorly. But it had charm and I did my best to polish what little scope was there. You don’t need a team to do these things.

Thank you!! I would like to return eventually so it can reach its potential!

Something very cozy about this game, which I love.

I really like this! The upgradeable organelles with their various functions is like being a roaming base in an RTS game.

The enemies and combat are well designed to keep tactics varied. Engulfing enemies is very satisfying.

I only wish it were easier! But maybe I just need to keep playing.

Great job all around!

I didn’t expect anyone to actually read through my long rambling post ;) Thank you for that and for the kind words!

I felt so dumb when I realized I had to roll around a bit to achieve the correct orientation to get my key into the lock. I thought I was stuck, hah!

The most interesting subtle thing about this is that the order of the directions you move to reach a given spot actually matters.

One thing that seemed like a bug was that tooltips didn’t appear for spawned-in enemies.

It was fun to learn the strategies in this. The non-attack abilities sound very tactically useful, but if you load up too much on them your attacks can’t keep up with the enemy spawns. I made it to floor 7.

The graphics and style are absolutely perfect, I couldn’t imagine this game looking better in another style.

If it means anything from a noob dev, I’m just astounded that you made this in 7 days! Great work.

Thank you!!!

Fun HOMM-style roguelike! Exploring the map and gathering resources and items had the same appeal as it does in HOMM.

Thank you!!! I was feeling pretty down on myself about the lack of content so your pointing out the things it does have means so much to me. And you gave me more reason to expand on this in the future. Thank you!

Post-jam crash-fix version playable here:

This is so clever! Immediately reminded me of Carrion but this has a deep strategy that only roguelikes can have. The multi-tentacled combat is very original, inspired, and fun in both a tactical and absurd way. I also love how the tentacles holding things just drag behind you through the corridors.

Wow, thank you so much! I really didn’t expect anyone to say something so nice about this.

I totally agree, there’s a lot I want to add to this, since it’s really a husk of a game!

The projectile-dodging is so fun in this! The overall style and presentation is unbelievably awesome too.

The concept of this is immediately attractive to me in a Ulillillia-esque way.

Small complaint: the mouse control is way too sensitive for me

This is incredibly beautiful and fun to explore. My only complaint is that using the jetpack makes me unable to see almost anything due to the flare.