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I eventually plan to try and find other people to aid development

I do admit it has been a long time since I have made a game but I am currently working on something which I hope to announce soon

Please allow us to invert the controls. Pressing down should make us go up and up should make us go down. 

Thank you! It is appreciated greatly.


That was awesome

That was damn amazing. Sent chills down my spine.

Lmao. Must be something embedded in people.

A very interesting game, really enjoyed.

I got the game while it was 100% off, and it was an experience. The music, the visuals, it felt like going into an adventure. It's immersive and wonderful. Everyone should play this game if you like quality games.


I really like the art style and mechanics of the game. I'd really like to see this be turned into a full-fledged game. 


pfft imagine doing things the easy way

that's not something you can fix in the terminal, I'm not sure why your Steam account doesn't connect 

Try running chmod +x* in the directory of the app in the terminal

Try running chmod +x* in the directory of the app in the terminal

Try running chmod +x* in the directory of the app in the terminal

Try running chmod +x* in the directory of the app in the terminal

alright thank you

Im using Windows, could someone suggest me a BASIC interpreter?


Because mosic

Well good luck


Cool game, similar to Friday Night Funkin' but unique in its own way

interacting with characters

A really good game, 10/10.

thank you! I am about to upload a build with a level counter


I am developing this game in Unity


because pop

I have not purchased the game, but I believe it is very underated (from the YT trailer). From the concept to the level design and the music (which I love), this game deserves more attention

Kinda sus man


Well, quality is relative I guess. What exactly do you not like about it?

I think it happens because the developer is not verified (strange for Devolver Digital)

tis cool  

Tis ebic