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I think the game overrated and overpriced

A topic by azumukupoe created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 7,402 Replies: 24
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How does everyone think of this game?

*I think the game is overrated and overpriced


why do you think that though?


too short, repetitive, easy but grinding in some way, feels likes just an another 2d game


Pikuniku is not like any 2d game, its maybe repetitive but its childish energy along with the characters its simply wonderfull. 


I guess you can think it's overrated if you like - I like the game, but you don't have to. But even if you hate a game, that doesn't mean it's overpriced. Sometimes I buy a book and I don't end up enjoying it, but the writer still worked hard on it, and they deserve to be paid. If you go to a restaurant and you don't like the food, you can decide not to go there again.  But you still have to pay for your meal! So I think it's silly to call something "overpriced" just because you didn't enjoy it.




Value is determined by the consumer, they have every right to think it is overpriced


bro who cares


he does


Assuming you bought this as part of the bundle, you paid basically nothing for it.


they commented this a year ago. who tf is out here reviving old threads


Hahahhahhsha no clue how I missed that. In that case eh they're entitled to their opinion


just dont buy it lol

Deleted 2 years ago

They could un-buy it.

Deleted 2 years ago

I said they should un-buy it, not ask for a refund-- ahh, it's not worth keeping up a facade. I was just making a stupid joke because OP made a silly post in the first place.

Deleted 2 years ago

what were the deleted replies


very cute loved it 

I bought it on sale for switch, but it was really charming and fun! Loved the music! Yeah, it's easy and short, but it's super fun!


Well, quality is relative I guess. What exactly do you not like about it?

Probably because there are youtubers like DanTDM making playthrough vids that are getting millions of views?

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In my opinion:

If you want a long campaign with complex game mechanics and a complicated narrative, it will probably suck.
If you want a short but sweet game with a cute story and lovable characters, this is the game for you.

(pssst, buy it from the Palestinian Aid bundle, its really cheap!)


I think it's a great game. There are very few great games for the very young and for a parent it's easily worth the $15.


Your insane then. You might need to check your brain at the hospital emergency room.