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Mac reports malware?

A topic by Parvo Nosoa created Jan 16, 2021 Views: 760 Replies: 3
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I've tried to open up the application for this game on my MacBook, but am unable to because Apple can't verify the developer in question. This is a recurring and very frustrating problem for most of my games, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround that I could find in my settings/in the game's settings. Thanks!

I should clarify -- by not verifying the developer, I think that Apple automatically labels the application as malware.

the solution: when that pops up go open system settings app or whatever it's called and go to security and privacy, then go to the general tab, and at the bottom where it says (game name here) is by an unverified publisher click the allow button or whatever it says and you can play the game now! no more popups when you try to run the game. tho you have you do it for every game on the first time opening the game.

I think it happens because the developer is not verified (strange for Devolver Digital)