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Parvo Nosoa

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A pedophile that eats dat pussy, too.

Hey, Sokpop. I ended up buying your Super Bundle back when Flipper Volcano was released, but for some reason, none of the games since then have been included as part of it (from what I can see on my owned page). Is there a reason for this? Thanks.

Also, I'm glad that you're still making video games -- I tried checking an (apparently) old website of yours, and it seemed to have disappeared.

I have no idea what I just witnessed, but it was glorious all the same.

Same here!

In comparison to other Nifflas games, how large do we project this game to be?

It's alright. Having MacOS just sucks on this website.

The art style and numerical motifs definitely remind me of OFF as well. Also, is there any chance that you'll be making a MacOS version in the future?

I should clarify -- by not verifying the developer, I think that Apple automatically labels the application as malware.

I've tried to open up the application for this game on my MacBook, but am unable to because Apple can't verify the developer in question. This is a recurring and very frustrating problem for most of my games, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround that I could find in my settings/in the game's settings. Thanks!

Is this game 32 or 64-bit? I can't seem to successfully load this game on my Catalina system.