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Thanks for taking the time to reply as well !
It's ok and I understand the need of building things from scratch especially for an artist because that is how freedom gives the end product a unique personality.

My Education project is similar to a kanji quest or let's put it this way, you have to walk in a world and find chinese characters or kanji. This really doesn't need a lot of storyline as the main idea is to randomize the objectives. The reason why I wish I could create a game game boy style is because : it's cute, minimalistic, still fun and I guess fast to build when you have the right sprites.

Such a game would be perfect for people learning Japanese or Chinese because they could have the sense of playing a game while having a good environment that helps them to memorize characters more easily. Also there is a collecting-object-oriented excitement to this idea, collecting objects is cool let's be honest.

I am a web developer and over the 5 past years I built a personal database of +3000 Chinese/Japanese characters with few metadatas and translation associated with each of them. That's education first but now that I have valuable data I thought that'd be nice to cast it into a more interactive environment such as games.

I know you most certainly have your mind on other things right now but IF you ever find this idea interesting I'd be glad to provide public this data upon a collaborative agreement. Education + game, that is a good recipe :)

Have a good day

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You are very talented. I love these short games. I wish there were more what I call "interactive asmr" or "asmr games" where you are thrown in an ambiant world and try to figure things out yourself, that is very relaxing. This one is almost like a classic point and click but mastered in a new genre.

What if you develop a similar game/program without puzzles ? Just a plain world where you can walk, trigger stuff like lights, open/close doors, collecting objects just for the pleasure of collecting, etc.... And of course naming as many as objects in this world with a small description when you click on them like if you read an open book (That would also be some good educational material if you include internationalisation as people could learn new vocabulary in the language they learn). This would be like a peaceful world where everyone can enter whenever they want to disconnect from the real world the time for a ponder, a relaxation, etc...

Most of games have mission(s)/purpose(s) and a ending. But why wouldn't it be nice if game developers just used the power of modern tools to craft artistic environments with no purpose but only wandering for sense revelation and eye leisure ?

Also I think that is why some games let you keep playing even after the main storyline ends, developers understand that players want to keep playing because they like progress or they just like the universe they were put into.

If you know what I mean you know there is a huge idea to develop in this area. Looking forward for your work ! If you need more of my insight or my help in internationalisation support (chinese, korean, japanese, french) please contact me.

Just finished the game, I loved it !
I like how robust it looks, the palette, the effects and the controller are really nice.
I would like to ask, I know the game was made in Unity but did you use a framework that helped to get this 2d world pokemon feel or did you build it completely from scratch ? If you used a framework I would be glad to hear the name. I am developer but not in the game industry, however I have an educational personal project I would like to develop and it'd be nice to use this environment as a base assets.
Really looking forward for an answer from you. Regards

I call them asmr games. I can't understand why these type of "games" are not more popular. Basically they are not games, just using the same tools as game developers use to build an ambient environment. As soon as you enter these environments your mind is tricked, the feelings are real because the way your body reacts is coded into your gens as a result of millions years of human evolution in nature. That is, if you manage to create the right 3D space, with the right sounds and the right composition you can really help people to relax themselves. I hope someone makes more of these in the future as it really helps me to calm down, relax, think and enter someone else's creation (mind) which is always interesting.

more please. this is incredible idea !