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Thanks for playing Step! Awesome video, loved your commentary, keep up the good work :)

Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the demo!

Thanks so much leafo! Keep up the great work :)

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Hi Itch! 

I released a free demo of Vault: Tomb of the King! Vault is a single player dungeon crawler. The main mechanic of Vault is switching between three heroes to overcome enemies, puzzles and traps. I created this game to capture the feeling of classic DnD dungeon crawls without having to control each character separately. It's a combination of action, speed and puzzle solving. Collect gold and buy new items to survive!

Thanks for checking it out :)

Vault: Tomb of the King

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My name is Erich and I'm creating a single player dungeon crawler called Vault: Tomb of the King. 

The premise of the game is switching between three heroes to overcome enemies, traps and puzzles to uncover the secrets of King Allard's Tomb. The mechanics are a cross between action and puzzle solving. I wanted to re-create the feeling of classic DnD dungeon crawling without having to control each character of the party separately.  The Fighter focuses on combat and heaving lifting, the Thief focuses on speed and disarming traps and the Wizard lights up dark corners and can manipulate arcane traps.

As I've been working on this project alone, I have a hard time balancing between production and marketing. Unfortunately getting out to GDC is just not in the cards. I'm loving the Itch community so far and events like this are a testament to the platform! It's a great opportunity for smaller games to get noticed so I'm looking forward to reading the posts and trying the games. I'm hoping that some of you will also be able to give Vault a try :)

Here's to indie games!

Thanks for playing! Really enjoyed watching your playthrough :)

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Thanks for playing and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks Cryptic, awesome video! Loved the commentary, keep up the great work.

Thank you!