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This made my wife's dream come true with the headset on, being lifted up and playing the Titanic theme song. Yours is the ONLY VR demo out there that shows the ship sailing (without being crashed/sinking), and where you can easily teleport to explore. Thank you so much!! This is the most unknown Titanic VR game out there, and yet it's the best!

I like how the Diner is coming along, although fps is still the lowest there overall. The waitress' voice is decent compared to others that have a very synthesized, screechy/chalkboard effect type of voice. Once again I respect the dev's vision, but it's something that does stand out (a bit jarring at times). It doesn't sully the experience too much, as I'm always gawking at the visuals.

I also like that there's a fast travel button now in the cruiser. I'm noticing the little extra tidbits of conversation that is acting as a placeholder for later updates. Definitely looking forward to dialog options later down the road and maybe more actual humans mixed in with the robots. I'm sure it's all a delicate balance with keeping fps decent.

Speaking of which, I recommend this patch for anyone severely suffering from low fps, but still want good visuals (just set the config file to balanced, quality or performance).

I am having the same issue with Quest 2 + Virtual Desktop. Tried the above solution with no luck so far.

Thanks, although for some reason it auto activates without me doing anything. Can't seem to turn it off.

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Loving the Christmas decor. For some reason the x-ray vision mode immediately enables when the game starts (where you see through walls and colors are grayed a bit). Using a Quest 2 with virtual desktop. How can I disable and re-enable it? It used to be you would raise your hands to your head to enable that mode.

Awesome, I hope it helps, and could possibly be integrated into game settings. I haven't been added to the discord yet, but I'm definitely interested.

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Hey Anticleric, regarding the "Modified OpenVR DLL with AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution Upscaler" I mentioned before, for the plugins folder I replaced openvr_api.dll and added openvr_mod (downloaded, and then in openvr_mod.cfg I set renderscale to 0.50 and went from 20fps in the diner area up to 60fps (using an rtx 2080, Ryzen 5600X @ 4.6Ghz). I think this could potentially be a neat feature to add for settings to massively improve performance for those who complain. I like the simplicity of this openvr_mod.cfg file, as this can be changed very easily, and used with many other games as well. Just thought I'd share in case it was useful for anyone else.

I think if I set balanced then the game will look much better with improved performance. Still testing different settings in the openvr_mod.cfg.

Edit: I realized by activating Synchronous Spacewarp (SSW) in Virtual Desktop + using the above mod (I set renderscale to balanced instead) = basically gameplay that feels like solid 90fps the entire time. I'm enjoying the game even more than before because I don't get sick anymore from low framerates.

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This was a cool update. I noticed that now you can push/nudge the robots (unless I somehow didn't notice before). Things are really coming together, and I can't help but gaze in awe in many locations. I also noticed one bug where if I try to travel to the club area (using the fast travel menu) then I get stuck and can't move anywhere. This is with the Quest 2 wirelessly with Virtual Desktop.

I was also curious of your thoughts on somehow implementing this patch, as I've seen youtube videos of people doubling their performance with little visual impact (if any) with some games (works with Nvidia or AMD).

Edit: I'll test this mod out with your game and let you know if it works or not.

I think that people need to keep in mind that this project is a massive undertaking slowly being fleshed out by a dedicated dev. What I personally look forward to is seeing humans and/or AI of some sort roaming around the club and general public areas to make the world come alive even more. I'm still hoping to see one update that add interactivity with various AI (maybe you could slap/hit/push them and they yell back). There are a lot of what I call "teaser" areas that you can't go into yet, so I look forward to seeing more and more late night bars and places to explore with crowds drinking, chatting ,etc (my guess is that type of update is going to take awhile). Keep up the good work, Anticleric. The fact that even my wife is extremely impressed with this game is actually an astounding accomplishment, as she likes very few VR games. The Blade Runner films are my favorite of all time.

Once this game has the NPCs roaming around/sitting in public like in "Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab", I think it will be a God tier VR game. And it's already a phenomenal game as is. Thank you again for creating this gem of a game.

Just wanted to comment again that after the recent Quest 2 update, I set 90Hz mode and high quality via Oculus Link and I was completely blown away by the visuals. I found myself in complete awe walking around New Kowloon and the Club District. Recently upgraded to Ryzen 5600x (with rtx 2080), which also made visuals buttery smooth. I also stumbled across the in game theater that was playing a full length Night of the Living Dead. Really awesome stuff! Thanks so much for all the hard work and extra content to explore. I want the finished product of this game more than I wanted Cyberpunk 2077.

I really appreciate your efforts and the consistent updates. I just wanted to mention that I hope to see the robot voices get updated to something else (eventually), as currently it is this unpleasant grinding noise which sticks out, rather than a smooth synthetic voice that is easy on the ears. Just my 2 cents. The male and female NPCs all sound the same, although I'm certain this is just a placeholder for now.

Thanks for the reply. I'm using an Oculus Rift S, Standing mode.

I can't teleport (in any direction) in the sewer area. It only lets me tap backwards, so I end up constantly tapping back on the joystick to view all of the new areas in the sewer.

I truly appreciate the regular updates/improvements over time, and look forward to (hopefully) being able to visit 24 hour bars/restaurants and such that tease us all in New Kowloon City. I know that eventually we will see interactive AI/synths, which is really going to bring the game to a new level. No one else is doing what you're doing, which is why I keep downloading the game after each new release.