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I think that people need to keep in mind that this project is a massive undertaking slowly being fleshed out by a dedicated dev. What I personally look forward to is seeing humans and/or AI of some sort roaming around the club and general public areas to make the world come alive even more. I'm still hoping to see one update that add interactivity with various AI (maybe you could slap/hit/push them and they yell back). There are a lot of what I call "teaser" areas that you can't go into yet, so I look forward to seeing more and more late night bars and places to explore with crowds drinking, chatting ,etc (my guess is that type of update is going to take awhile). Keep up the good work, Anticleric. The fact that even my wife is extremely impressed with this game is actually an astounding accomplishment, as she likes very few VR games. The Blade Runner films are my favorite of all time.

Once this game has the NPCs roaming around/sitting in public like in "Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab", I think it will be a God tier VR game. And it's already a phenomenal game as is. Thank you again for creating this gem of a game.