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Hi Ariadna!

I'm looking for some tracks to use in my last game and I like your work on soundcloud.

Would you like to collaborate making the soundtrack of  "Idle machine learning"?

if you think it is fine I will add you to Discord to talk about it.

Well, maybe is the translation to English, but I was thinking more in a "Blow up" than a "fire explosion", so when a tree explodes, it didn't hurt enough other things to making then explode too.

At first, I didn't think on "chain explosion", but you give me the idea that this world could have some items designed to hurt your enemies when it blows up, like a spike maze that throw spikes when explodes, spike shields, etc

So, in short this is my idea:

1º - EVERYTHING have 1HP, and I mean every single thing  in the game: orcs, dragons, Swords, trees, stones...

2º - EVERYTHING that loses its hit points...explodes. 

To hurt anything, you have to overcome a confrontational roll of force against resistance: a success the objective explodes, a failure nothing happens, a critical failure and it is your weapon that explodes (a critical failure punching a stone and it could be you who explodes ...)

Weapon skill will be very important, as it will allow you to deflect the hit to your weapon or your shield, although in that case they could explode and you will be in danger.

The fighting will become extremely dangerous, forcing you to look for other less risky strategies and your weapons, armor or shields may blow up in the middle of the fight, forcing you to retire.

On the other hand, new ways of dealing with puzzles and dungeons are created, since everything is destructible: doors, walls, chests, tables, chairs, horses...

Hi Toby!

Your work is really good! 

Hi, it shouldn't take 5 hours to get level 2, you must try new skill configurations.

I recomend investing in "learning" skill tree, specially in "population".

Then, try to invest in min speed, stering and max speed, controlling that bikes have a good driving control.

And do not forget to not doing big changes at once, or bikes will crash out of control.

Good Luck!

I fixed some bugs and penformance