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Actually good one! Good luck with challenge. I’ve done first 2 games from it like in 3 days and stuck on this one for too long :D

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Guys that’s awesome game! I wish i participated in jam to rate you all 5 stars! Good luck!

Edit: Connection established (after 30 minutes)

Fun game!

Thank you! I’ll try my best

Clever puzzles, for me it’s one of the best games this jam. Good work!

Thank you for such detailed reply! I really wanted to add more enemies but didn’t managed to do it in time I have. I started on second day of jam not really knowing anything about gdevelop and ended one day early, so I proud of what I did.

I have plans to extend this game a bit after jam tho :D

Nice idea

Thank you!

Good and challenging game! Love the art style and soundtrack!

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Thank you for playing! I’ll check your game after work :0

thank you for playing it!

Looks awesome!

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Oh, yeah that’s right. Totally forgot about changing it, sadly it’s not the biggest bug in game :_)

At least i changed spider collision :D

Thanks for playing! Can you clarify what collisions you talking about so I can think of improving it later :)

Nice idea

doggos, good one

Fun one!

Man that’s awesome! Very fun game! Nice take with air getting you back to “checkpoint”.

Fun game! I love graphics, feels finished!

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked that concept :)


that’s nice one! good job

This game is fun!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing my game

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it

Thank you appreciate it

Thank you for playing!

What can I say … That’s a hard one. Pigeon is awesome :D

Awesome art! Nice polished game. Love how obstacles changes over time

Thank you! I like mages personally and thinking about making vikings more useful in the future :D

That’s huge, I wish I had more time for playing more sumbmissions

Definitely not a puzzle. Hope you will enjoy it 😅

I tried construct 1 or 2 long time ago so i cant remember which one. I always wanted to make games so I tried many different engines (including GameMaker (both new and old one), Unity and Godot) but I have way more experience in PHP and pure JavaScript, so I think that helps :)

Your game is awesome btw

One of the best game I played so far on this jam! Great work! Love the clever hints :3

Thank you for trying my game. It’s actually first game I managed to make somewhat playable and first attempt to work with GDevelop. I have a lot of fun making it tho!

Nice characters, icons for attacks would be really helpful, will be glad to play it again with finished UI

That’s awesome game! But water is really hard

I will definitely try to make it bigger, but commercial release sounds too much for first game. Thank you for good words anyway :D

Thank you for playing!