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Worked fine on my mobile browser.  Nice work!

For better lust attacks you level up your appearance Stat. 

I bought it but is the android version being released later? (It's stated that android is a downloadable platform and reason I purchased.)

This is my first time trying to download this game and it is telling me the same thing. Says I didn't update successfully despite this being a first time download. I try a lot of games on itch and none of the other Apks seem to share a name so I'm at a loss. 

Since this is an all new Adam I take it that we don't need to have knowledge of your first games "Adam* correct?  Also thanks for the Android addition!

Thanks for the Android build!

Congratulations!  Loved the game and thank you for your hard work ask this time!  Look forward to your next project.

Sweet!  Thanks for replying and can't wait to buy your finished Human Cargo (or just 1.0) and look forward to your future endeavors! 

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you had me at Werewolf <3. Well there be an android build for it to though? 

Thanks for the update! I still have the renpy icon for my download in regard to your inquiry on that. 

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First off,  thank you so much for releasing an android version.  I've always wanted to play and lacked a computer (and nothing really compels me to get one). I've gotten the good endings for Shiba, Toru and Shuu while almost done with Hikaru. Toru is the only one with problems so far with a certain flash back at his end is plagued with error messages (which it can be ignored and continued but comes back constantly until the scene is done.) Thanks as well for the cheat system for every route completed and day skip feature. The length of the game per route was definitely worth the price for the quality gotten. Love the game and fingers crossed that this port to Android proves beneficial enough that your other games eventually get the port treatment down the line.  Sorry for the long message BTW but it was with love <3.

Edit: Also,  the "Make Love" button while with Toru is broken and all it does is repeats the last action done to him until he initiates.

Well my hopes got up unfortunately.  I think you lovelies but the linux build as an android by accident

Played through the android demo (Thanks for adding that to your playable options). Seems nice and liking forward for its future. The swipe controls were a nice option. Two questions though. 

Will the itchio build for android still have an R-18 option? (Since I know it can't be for Google play. ) and

What was cut for the android demo it takes half the Mb it does for the pc files and usually the games that have both will have the android build about the same if not slightly more. 

Thanks for your continued work on this project.

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Tried it,  liked it and since you're supporting android builds I am definitely supporting you on Pat.  Look forward to your next build. 

Thanks for the update plus walkthrough! <3

Can I get a hint on what to do on the first night?  No idea what I'm supposed to be doing or clicking on.

Congrats and thank you got the Android release! Look forward to playing through it on my days off work.

And yes,  demon goat

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Thanks, was wanting that info before spamming exploration.

Edit: There a prerequisite to meeting Baphomet or is it just low chance to get? Explored the mountain about 100 times with no success

Thanks for the update Lyga! Also,  how are we supposed to run into Bahamut?

There's a random event that happens that afterwards leads to a new scene while in town.  Don't know what triggers it but seems random

Eidolon is at the forge in town and Tobias is a random encounter while traveling the forest.  In case you haven't found out already. 

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Will most definitely do.  Thank you! Been wanting to replay through everything for awhile now.  New phone is plenty good excuse now XD 

I Seen that you Recently removed the R-18 rating from android devices. Is there a reson you can talk about it openly? I just got a new phone and wanted to play through it again. And on the subject of that Will the android not get a R-18 version when Red Embrace Hollywood comes out?

Only found out of the mobile release because I was roaming the play store. Love the game (though I've only finished one route so far) and ecstatic that I can finally play it on mobile since I hardly get on my computer.  If you like Visual Novels then this game will likely sate your needs.  

Is this just the steam version or will the phone version be available here or at a later date? 

Which one is the old an which is the new one? The new ones the screen shot on the main page?