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Will most definitely do.  Thank you! Been wanting to replay through everything for awhile now.  New phone is plenty good excuse now XD 

I Seen that you Recently removed the R-18 rating from android devices. Is there a reson you can talk about it openly? I just got a new phone and wanted to play through it again. And on the subject of that Will the android not get a R-18 version when Red Embrace Hollywood comes out?

Only found out of the mobile release because I was roaming the play store. Love the game (though I've only finished one route so far) and ecstatic that I can finally play it on mobile since I hardly get on my computer.  If you like Visual Novels then this game will likely sate your needs.  

Is this just the steam version or will the phone version be available here or at a later date? 

Which one is the old an which is the new one? The new ones the screen shot on the main page?