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First off,  thank you so much for releasing an android version.  I've always wanted to play and lacked a computer (and nothing really compels me to get one). I've gotten the good endings for Shiba, Toru and Shuu while almost done with Hikaru. Toru is the only one with problems so far with a certain flash back at his end is plagued with error messages (which it can be ignored and continued but comes back constantly until the scene is done.) Thanks as well for the cheat system for every route completed and day skip feature. The length of the game per route was definitely worth the price for the quality gotten. Love the game and fingers crossed that this port to Android proves beneficial enough that your other games eventually get the port treatment down the line.  Sorry for the long message BTW but it was with love <3.

Edit: Also,  the "Make Love" button while with Toru is broken and all it does is repeats the last action done to him until he initiates.