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The Preference number tilts where your dice roll is likely to land between the four possible outcomes. It is a bit like the Number in Lasers&Feelings in that respect. You roll the d6 and add your Preference, and use the result to determine whether you succeeded on the requested ability:

If I pick a -2 Preference, then my range of possible results is -1 to 4. That means I have a 5/6 chance of success on a Rational roll, but only 1/6 chance of success on a Fantastical roll.

If I pick a +1 Preference, then my range of possible results would be 2 to 7. In that case, I only have a 1/3 chance of being Rational, I have a 1/2 chance of being Physical, 5/6 chance of being Emotional and 2/3 chance of being Fantastical.

Sorry about that, fixed now!

Do it! Make this the one where you abandon your principles and turn to the Dark Side!

Stories of taking ownership (back) of our bodies are always good to have out there. Thank you for sharing.

I've just finalised and released the Balanced Integrated Attributes System (BInAS) and released with CC BY 4.0 - it's the open source SRD I developed from Pivotal Destinies.

(Technically the logo itself does not fall under the CC BY 4.0 licensing as it's only licensed for attribution purposes - those were the terms under which it was commissioned)

Hi! I'd like to nominate my game Pivotal Destinies for the "What if there was a game like D&D but not by a Racist Corp" list - my elevator pitch for the game system is "the midpoint between D&D and Lasers & Feelings" so it should fit right in.

Ran this as a one-shot break from our regular campaign when a few players were missing. Absolute chaos! Lots of fun to GM, and the players had a great time. Chaos increased when the player I gave the "Double Agent" card asked privately halfway through the game if they could be a Triple instead, and betray the enemy they were working for and I said "I'll allow it."

Highly recommend!

Hi! Fantastic as ever. I was just curious what the dots toggled with 'D' represent. They seem to be placed at choke points or passageways between chambers, so is it D for Doors, or something else?

Great stuff! Feels like it would be awesome for generating spooky or nature-y logos for TTRPGs, or in-world details for adventurers to encounter in various cult or village settings.

Sounds like very cool new functionality. A couple of thoughts of common gameplay actions that it might represent:

Would the "merge groups" node be able to be used to handle returning a cube to the bag from your hand?

How would it handle "when the draw pile is exhausted, reshuffle the discard pile and return it to the draw pile"? Would the nodes handle that?

In the words of music theorist and bassist Adam Neely, "Repetition legitimises". And thus the chaotic can become harmonic.

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Just ran this for a couple of friends - GREAT FUN!

Epic boss battle at the end: missed with the rocket launcher, only one hit with the Magnum, came down to their last shotgun shell as the BBEG closed to melee range and was about to bite their heads off - absolutely awesome grand finale for a blockbuster horror movie!

Highly recommend giving this a go when you want a one-shot to fill the gap between more serious/on-going games.

Not gonna lie, as soon as I found the character customiser, I was hooked!

The gameplay was amazing fun too, very easy to lose track of time playing it - brilliant work

Absolutely brilliant! The level design is superb, with a great learning curve to introduce each new idea. Love it, please make moar levelz!

For such a simple-looking game, it was surprising just how involved I got as the big solid dots swarmed closer to my hollow dots, anxious to see them picked off by the smaller hollow dots. It was hard to work out what difference the stats made, and why the numbered defences cost different amounts to upgrade, which might have influenced my decisions about how toa llocate my resources. But yeah - the core engagement was surprisingly good!

Neat! Loved the tank controls style gameplay combined with asteroid dodging and sbace combat. Cool music, too!

Bug report, v1.30 - after speak with Kevaskous and press any key to try to escape, encountered:

 Error running script: No parameters passed to MakeObjectInvisible function - expected 1 parameters


Some nice concepts in there. One thought is that there are also some really tricky moves on some of the levels, and having waypoints either just before or just after them would be great, so players don't have to go back to the start every time they fail a stage - they respawn at a point just before the fail - or maybe the waypoint is a reward for succeeding (and then the next tricky part doesn't mean they don't have to do it all again).

I actually managed to finish something - my Interstellar Rowing Simulator idea was sitting around for nearly a year, most of that time at the back corner of the "things on the go" cupboard. But now it is a reality!

One of those things that started as "can I figure out a way to make an effect/mechanic work?" and then drifted away until the jam came up and I remembered all the ideas I had for things to include, and now it has them all.

Oh, it's great fun! My favourite mechanic is when you can substitute a detail in a rival's story and "correct" their recollection of events tobe rather less spectacular

Nice concept! One of my favourite board games is Braggart, which also has a theme of adventurers telling their tales in the tavern later.

Love the additions already. I think what would be great besides more customising, would be key locations like post office, local store, pub etc.

I get how this seems more like an idle side project but I'm thinking of all the ways I could construct TTRPGs around this scale of environment. There are plenty of games already existing built around childhood/adolescence already that I think would benefit from this sort of map. This generator fills a gap in the normal range of map spaces. Thank you for making it!

I love this generator! Far from having no real uses, I think it will make some great one-shot TTRPG locations, inspiration for short stories and even video game environments. I would love to see it have full customisation added please!

Not so much "opposite" as "not always aligning perfectly as motivations" XD

Among the many moral dilemmas, "Horny vs Revolutionary" was my favourite!

Definitely worth a second playthrough to find some different endings, I suspect.

I also got the game in the BLM bundle but have not ecountered any problems.

If by "suit" you mean the clothing puzzle, you just need to explore all the way around the ring corridor and try every cabin you come across, ignoring the Hub and Cryo doors. Once you find your clothes (you get a message along the lines of "that's not my name, but this looks familiar" or something like that when you reach the right locker) the elevator should work.

At the risk of posting spoilers here:

It's not a glitch, it's a puzzle.

The solution is:

Wear a towel instead. Click on one of the towels in the lockers and you will get a message saying something like "looking good!"You can then exit the cryo room and explore the lockers in the crew cabins to find one with clothes in.

The Curse Of Breyville House is a 2d top-down perspective horror/stealth game using a line-of-sight mechanic to create suspense - you can't always see your enemies, and your only defence is to stay out of their sight as much as possible. Suzie accepts a dare to stay overnight in a haunted house, because she doesn't believe in ghosts. Once inside, she can only escape by unravelling the mystery, evading the dread spirits and finally breaking the curse.

This is my first complete game, that I'm happy enough with to share with the world!

I've had some fun with this. I particularly tried using playing cards instead of a d10. I sorted a deck into suits and removed all but one face card from each suit. The face card works as a reset - reshuffle all the cards in that pile if you turn up the face card. I found it helped avoid repetition and using face cards as reset means you're not locked in to having only one of each type of answer (for more resets/chance of repetition, use more face cards!)