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Could you add another control scheme using keyboard? I couldn't play because I don't have a middle mouse button...

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Cute game! I got 330 points.

Edit: So I actually read the controls today, and learned I could move blocks so I  got 572!

I like this quote about the Muppets. "Although a bear driving a car and a frog trying to order a drink in a bar are not ordinary sights in our world, they are in this film. None of the human beings in The Muppet Movie are ever the least bit surprised to find themselves talking to frogs and dogs and pigs and chickens." It's a nice world.

 It's hard to know what choices to make when you're in an unfamiliar world. I got ending four which seems like it will be ok for them I hope!

I really liked this game and the little town of characters. I think the part where you float between the water in the temple was really hard though and I kept falling in and having to retry. Also, for the final boss, I wasn't sure that I was making progress because each phase seemed the same. Maybe try a subtle variation like increasing the number of balloons or changing their expression so that we know we're making progress.

I love the sound of the bunbons talking with each other! My bunbons are friends :)

This game was very cute, though the ending was a bit abrupt. I'm happy that the frogs are happy.

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Hi, I'm happy that you liked the game! I would love to have different language versions of the game, but I would want to pay for the translation because translating is a lot of work. At this time, I can't pay for the translation, so I'll have to pass. Thank you for the offer though!

Very cute! My plantgotchi is a very happy cactus with a flower :)

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Wow, thanks so much! It means so much to me that you thought of it after playing it months ago, and I'm happy that it left a nice memory for you!  I'll do my best to read your article with google translate :)

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Thank you for sharing your feedback!The slower pace and emptiness was to give more space for a reflective thoughtful experience.
Fun fact about the crowd part; it was at first going to be even longer! But after hearing some feedback in my initial playtesting, I made it quite a bit shorter. I can understand that it's still too long and that the point could be made more quickly.
Anyway, thank you for playing, and I'm glad that you liked it!

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Hello! It might be a bug (which I'll definitely look into either way), or you may be in the path where they actually decide to give you a key to the gate instead. Did you try leaving the room and coming back to them? Or do you remember what their last dialogue was? Sorry you were having trouble with that part!

Edit: Oh, I think I realized what happened because I just tested through all the conversation scenarios. I'll push an update to fix it so that it doesn't happen in the future. Sorry again!

Edit 2: Ok, I just updated it. The game flags weren't coded properly for that specific conversation path that you took. It should be all fixed now!

I loved this game. It's such a sweet little story, and the music was great.

Thank you!

Hi, is this a true story? Did your friend like it?

The music is beautiful, and I liked that you could sit at the end of the game for a while and just listen to it.

I liked how the magical elements make it easier to share and explain your experience- I can relate to that a lot. I worry about how I can pass too.

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Fun game! I'm not sure if I got the bad ending or if it ends on cliffhanger though. I only saved 3 of my friends at the end.

Thank you for playing!

I made it through the game! It was very touching, and it felt like a poem.

Very nice music. I unfortunately wasn't able to finish it, but I enjoyed the part that I was able to play!

This game was great! I loved your art style and the  main character's design.

Hello, I was wondering about how long this game takes to finish? Since I can't save, I want to make sure I can get through it all in one sitting. Thanks!

I never knew it before, but I guess what I needed all along was to be a frog chilling in a pond talking to other frogs. This game is such a vibe <3

Thank you for playing!!