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Hi, this is a a great solution, thanks! For the project I was working on, I ended up using an external audio file from an open source library, but for anyone that wants to use music made in bitsy, this seems good.

oh when the song ends, it just loops again back to the start.

Hi could you explain your question more? I don't really understand what you mean

Hi, so I modified the html file for the game a little bit to add the music from external audio files. It's not a super clean way to do this, but it works if you're just doing something small like I was. Essentially, I checked the room transitions and if the player was going into a specific room, I would change the music.

First at the bottom of the game's html file, I added this code so there's audio element with an id that I could call.

Then, I added code here to check for the room transitions.Note that I changed the src to "" when I didn't want any music in a room. Also, make sure your audio files are in the same folder as the html file. There are many other ways to do this, and depending on what exactly you're trying to do, you will need to modify the code differently.

Thank you for the kind comment! The music at the end is "Fine Dining" by TrackTribe, a group that makes copyright free music.

Hi was Paloma a real person?

Nice sprite work! I liked the buildings and foxes especially.

It was fun to make! Thank you for organizing and creating the virtual exhibit!

Hi I just looked again in the area that Museum of Screens circled in their post, but I didn't see your game. Hopefully they can add it, or maybe it's just really well hidden right now.

Hi I tried the game again and finished it. Before it wouldn't let me go into the gallery after getting the yarn ball.  I liked the room with the crates and the paintings being restored.

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Hello! All the games from the jam are in the Arcade Zone. To get to the Arcade Zone, keep turning right at any intersection you come to until you make it there.  Here is a map of the Arcade Zone that I made.
EDIT: This map is now outdated. The wall in the bottom left corner is no longer there and the games in that area have been rearranged. There are also new games in that section. Bitsy Fest 2023 Map

And here is the key.

1  - Info about the Jam
2  - Lexicon Vitae
3  - The Time Capsule
4  - Extremis Exhibit
5  - Fish Hooks
6  - Museum of Virtual Perpetuum
7  - relics, like vultures
8  - things in time
9  - Art Appreciation
10 - In 2023, I killed myself
11 - Beauté couverte de sang
12 - Museum of Mid 2000s Forum Signatures
13 - The Museum of Sprites by Bitsy
14 - Detective Duck in “Mystery at the Museum”
15 - Inesita
16 - Retro Museum
17 - i have a back hernia
18 - C’est de l’art
19 - Painting Restoration
20 - Exhibition Preview
21 - Docent Duck & The Chroma Thief
22 - Blank Canvases! An Artventure
23 - The Museum of Found Things
24 - The Museum of Magical Objects (MoMO)
25 - “did you know? mew’s under the truck by the ss anne!”
26 - Sick Gallery
27 - The Fifth Floor
28 - Museum of Everything
29 - Abandoned Museum of Abandon
31 - Museums I’ve Been To
Let me know if I made any mistakes! I'll try to update it if any games are added too.

my giraffe. I liked this game except sometimes I would place pieces where I didn't mean to, especially when I was trying to move a piece into the center. It would stop at the edge. 

Hi could you post a map of where all the games from the game jam are?

Thank you!

Yeah I thought it would help during the conversation at the end to make things clear. Thank you for playing!

Yeah that part was very fun to make. Thanks for playing!

Hi thanks for the reply! I actually figured out a way to do this for my game by modifying the html file a little and adding a few lines of code.

I liked the four little stories in this game. Unfortunately I couldn't finish because I encountered a few glitches. When I took the right path, I went up through the building to the roof. Then, after I spoke with my friend on the roof about the birds, they disappeared. But then if I left and came back to the roof they would be there again. I think some game flag wasn't being logged because, I got the clear text for the other three sections, but couldn't get through this section and there didn't seem to be anything else for me to interact with. 

Then since my friend mentioned the birds and the sea, I went back down to the water section. However, I got stuck there because the text saying "Hey, I thought you were going to help me fish. Thyla!" would pop up whenever I tried to leave, but I had already fished so I couldn't fish again.

I was really enjoying the game though! I'm just listening to the music in the fishing section as I write this, and it's nice.

This was a really nice game. Museum websites are fun to look at for sure, and I loved how you made the virtual tour on the computer of the museums. The art for those parts was really cool, and I also liked the art of the cityscape from the window. The ending was sad, but I'm happy I played it. 
The character's struggle was definitely relatable. Their indecision and difficulty leaving home reminded me of my own game that I made a few years ago that had some similar themes.

Fun game! Nice to see more ducks solving mysteries.

I stole The Golden Yarnball, but then there was no one where for me to go. I think I broke something.

The ghost needs to start making their own food.

Hi this is might be very simple, but I couldn't find the answer in the documentation. I was wondering how to make it so that the music keeps playing during dialogue. Right now, if I talk to someone the music pauses until the dialogue is finished and then it resumes. Thank you!

I was two hours away and my sled broke. So close...

This game is so beautiful! I love it

Could you add another control scheme using keyboard? I couldn't play because I don't have a middle mouse button...

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Cute game! I got 330 points.

Edit: So I actually read the controls today, and learned I could move blocks so I  got 572!

I like this quote about the Muppets. "Although a bear driving a car and a frog trying to order a drink in a bar are not ordinary sights in our world, they are in this film. None of the human beings in The Muppet Movie are ever the least bit surprised to find themselves talking to frogs and dogs and pigs and chickens." It's a nice world.

 It's hard to know what choices to make when you're in an unfamiliar world. I got ending four which seems like it will be ok for them I hope!

I love the sound of the bunbons talking with each other! My bunbons are friends :)

This game was very cute, though the ending was a bit abrupt. I'm happy that the frogs are happy.

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Hi, I'm happy that you liked the game! I would love to have different language versions of the game, but I would want to pay for the translation because translating is a lot of work. At this time, I can't pay for the translation, so I'll have to pass. Thank you for the offer though!

Very cute! My plantgotchi is a very happy cactus with a flower :)

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Wow, thanks so much! It means so much to me that you thought of it after playing it months ago, and I'm happy that it left a nice memory for you!  I'll do my best to read your article with google translate :)

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Thank you for sharing your feedback!The slower pace and emptiness was to give more space for a reflective thoughtful experience.
Fun fact about the crowd part; it was at first going to be even longer! But after hearing some feedback in my initial playtesting, I made it quite a bit shorter. I can understand that it's still too long and that the point could be made more quickly.
Anyway, thank you for playing, and I'm glad that you liked it!

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Hello! It might be a bug (which I'll definitely look into either way), or you may be in the path where they actually decide to give you a key to the gate instead. Did you try leaving the room and coming back to them? Or do you remember what their last dialogue was? Sorry you were having trouble with that part!

Edit: Oh, I think I realized what happened because I just tested through all the conversation scenarios. I'll push an update to fix it so that it doesn't happen in the future. Sorry again!

Edit 2: Ok, I just updated it. The game flags weren't coded properly for that specific conversation path that you took. It should be all fixed now!

I loved this game. It's such a sweet little story, and the music was great.

Thank you!