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I have updated mod description above to include tutorial video of how to install the mod. Hope it helps, but let me know if it's still not fixed!

I have updated mod description above to include tutorial video of how to install the mod. Hope it helps!

I have updated mod description above to include tutorial video of how to install the mod. Hope it helps!

It's no worries, I have updated mod description above to include tutorial video of how to install the mod. Hope it helps!

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it!

Howdy! This issue pops up when you have language of the windows set to something other than english. I have updated the mod to hopefully support all locales, so just download the latest version! Let me know if it's still an issue, thank you.

Uploaded Linux build as per request, check it out!

Thanks for playing, great livestream too. To enjoy heretical non-christian artwork, make sure to visit Kidat Capital after exhausting Eskii Village dialogue.

Thanks, it was always going to be an eroge game, wanted core gameplay implemented before I started adding the smut tho.

Thanks for playing, will consider the comments for the future.

Unfortunately not at the moment, I'd recommend trying Wine but will look into distributing it on other platforms as well.

The final step would be to run the converter application which you can find in the editor folder. Once you run it, the busts and all other custom images should be visible in the mod.

Unfortunately the base game's levels are baked in and can't be loaded in. One way to by pass that is to replicate each level in the editor. If you only wish to edit the art instead of entire levels you can use Unity Assets Bundle Extractor.

Just extract the zip into the game folder. It should look something like this:

Damn, could you send the .DATA and .SAVE file that you're having troubles with. It will help me to narrow down the errors.

If you can, send them to this email:

Thank you

Just uploaded hotfix b, should patch up the bugs you have mentioned. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Thanks a lot for the bug report, just released a hotfix which fixes: transition and backwards compatability bugs. Haven't touched folder repopulation yet cus that task is a little bigger. But let me know if there are any other issues.

It's just an example of sprite swapping. You can turn it off by going into the replace folder which you can find in the editor directory. In there, there are several folders, one of which is "demons". If you rename it to "_demons", or anything, else and then run ConvertCustomImages. This will remove replacement sprites and make the girls appear normal.

Yep and the version 0.999 is now out. You can now change huge range of assets so give it a go!

Version 0.999 just got released and you can now drag and drop custom images into the editor, give it a go. If you need more help just let me know!

Thanks for the reports. I have exposed transition as an option in the dialogue editor and fixed the bug. Enjoy version 0.999!

You can now do it! Version 0.999 is out!

What happens when you run the game with the custom art? Does it start at all?

Not at the moment, but you will be able to in version 1.0 which hopefully be out by the end of october. So look forward to it!

Yeah chapter select is currently not supported, perhaps in version 1.0

Don't fret, version 1.0 will feature support for an almost full sprite replacement, not just animated characters but also UI, bad end, glorious success, transitions, etc. Look forward to it in September

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No problem, glad you resolved it. Just let me know if there are any issues in the future

Would you be able to zip up and send the "data" folder to this email: and I'll take a look and let you know what the issue is.

Also the next release will include ability to change sprites of the characters which you can preview here:

I am back with great news, all it was that one of your files "gar_Excusemewhat" has a capital letter, which messes up the way data is read. Which is a dumb moment on my part and will be fixed in version 1.0 but if you rename it to "gar_excusemewhat" it will run like butter. Let me know if there are any more issues.

Would you be able to zip up the "data" folder in the game directory and send it my way? I'll take a look and see what the issues is internally, if you want to send it privetly here's my email:

To disable the ui you need to tick off these options in the Scene Settings Window (Check example image below: Red is the side UI with counters, Green is the "Life Advice and Restart" UI). As for custom text, if you mean the dialogue I'll need extra context as to how its arranged in editor or a screenshot of the editor window, or a data folder so I can take a closer look.

Sounds good just let me know if you can't sort it out and I'll take another look.

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Have you converted the files before running the game? You need to go into "converter" folder in the "editor" folder and run the "ConvertCustomImages.exe". If you need step by step instructions click on "Use Custom Images" button in the editor. The data itself look fine so it might be that.

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It might be an internal error which causes the mod not to load fully. Would you be able to send me a copy of your data folder from your game's directory to see what the issue is?

Since it is a simple .zip file, Windows can open them by itself. You should be able to double click on the archive file and open it up and then drag folders into the game's directory. If it doesn't, I recommend updating 7zip, since I have created the archive using it, then right click and select "Extract here". Let me know if any specific error messages pop up. FYI: I only tested mod on Windows machines so not sure how it will react on others.

Simply extract contents into the game. The reason app creates multiple files is due to simpler structuring. You don't really need to do anything with the files themselves as the modded game reads them automatically. There are tooltips when you hover over the controls so hope that helps. If you wish to create your own mods from scratch I recommend dnSpy and UABE. Let me know if there are any other issues.

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Version 0.999:

  • Can now change main game UI's colour.
  • Ability to Delete and Duplicate scenes.
  • Can now replace UI, transition, demons, puzzles and player assets.
  • Camera can now follow player.
  • View settings: unlock camera and hide extra info.
  • Custom Object: can be collidable, pushable, breakable, damage player, sized and have custom graphics.
  • NPC Object: moves in a pattern and pushes player around.
  • Can now manually change when the character's busts are refreshed.
  • Bug where the laser kills player after they enter the goal square has been fixed.
  • Improved Error and Bug capture with log print out.
  • "Save All Levels" button.
  • And much more!

Version 0.5:

  • Examtaker assets: Busts, Backgrounds and Cutscenes.
  • Two new soundtracks are added: Alchemy and Titanium.
  • Two new puzzle pieces: Lasers and Crates.
  • Backwards compatibility for old saves, simply open in the editor and save.
  • Can now change Rocks’ and Crates’ graphics.
  • Search function for the dialogue assets, makes it easier to find the cgs you need.
  • Fixed issue where UTF8 and/or UNICODE in the directory wouldn’t allow the editor to save.

Version 0.4

  • Custom art assets: Busts, Background, Cutscenes and Backdrops.
  • Link demons to the goal objects for the gotcha animation.
  • Blank demon icon that you can use to show interactable parts of the level.
  • New type of goal collider, you can now approach characters from multiple angles.
  • Life Advice and Skip Puzzle buttons are now functional.
  • Current chapter's Roman numerals are now displayed correctly.
  • Lots of Quality of Life Improvements.

Version 0.3

  • Custom dialogues. Character CGs, Glorious Successes, Cutscenes, Choices.
  • Select backdrop for your chapter/levels, for example: Helltaker's House.
  • Pick the soundtrack of your choice to play during the level.
  • You can now make demons active aka make heart icons appear/disappear.

Version 0.2

  • Implemented all of the puzzle pieces and characters from the original game.

Version 0.1

  • Original release, basic puzzle creation capability.
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Hello, thank you for the report. Usually these are caused by UTF8 or UNICODE characters used in the folder names (for example diacritic: á é ó). Current workaround is to use plain/basic letters for folders and directories.

"D:\Projécts\Helltáker Modding\Réléásé\Helltáker" [This will throw an ERROR]

"D:\Projects\Helltaker Modding\Release\Helltaker" [This will SAVE properly]

This will be fixed in the next update but let me know if that fixed it.

Explain what happened leading up to the bug and any other additional information.

Use this topic to share own levels and puzzles!