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btw thanks for streaming it!

Thank you:) I think I will continue development. I had a lot of ideas for this and I would like to see them come to fruition. I like the idea of talking to the animals to learn more about them. Maybe since the Tasmanian tiger died off in the 30's he could have info about that time period. Great suggestions!

Thank you:) I love them too, it sucks they aren't around anymore I think they are fascinating. Would've loved to meet Benjamin.

Thanks for playing, it was a fun jam! Hope you host again, maybe I can finish a game next time! Here's the wikipedia if you're curious:

Thanks for playing! You're right it is very short and a menu would've been a good idea especially since you have to alt+F4 to exit. Good points, thank you:)

Thank you for complimenting it, I wasn't very confident so that means a lot! I hope that things will get better and this fate will stop.

yeah I ran out of time and I am out of town for the rest of the jam. I reached too far I think, thanks for playing!

No my wife did, it is very cute! I'll let her know you said so:) btw if you wanna check out my Specter Slammer for the KO Slam Jam I'd appreciate it and consider me when you vote! Again, your game was awesome I want it on Gameboy!

yeah the end is kind of glitch sorry about that! If you like it I'd appreciate a vote in the Ko Slam. But only if you thought it was the best in either category!

I liked it. The art for the plushies was very good and good use of theme! The music was good too. I assumed the theme was like a parent telling their kid they can't wear opposite gender clothes to school? That was my interpretation, but I liked that it wasn't explicitly stated thats what was happening. Keeps it up for interpretation which is nice! A++!

what engine did you make this with?

I can see this as being very addicting and it controls well. Very tough, but fun!

thanks for featuring my game:) love the channel!

Ok thanks, I'll try that:)

Is there a way to reduce the amount of audio files needed to have spoken lines in renpy? When I have done it I needed a new file for every line, can you fetch lines from a single file?

Can you play the gameboy version on super gameboy for snes?

thanks for the tips:) I ran out of time, I think I was too ambitious. But you're right!

2 weeks ago for the frog jam was my first. EXTREMELY stressful lol. I was WAY too ambitious, and I did that again for this one. Still fun though, feels good to complete a goal even if the end product isn't what you had in mind

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun:)

Very fun game, loved trying to get a fast time!

Great game, ya'll did a fantastic job:) I loved trying to see all the different frogs, good replayability!

Thanks so much:) 

Very fun:) Loved the concept and the execution was excellent!

This concept was AWESOME! I love the idea of the cold-blooded frog having to find warmth to survive:) I think the platforming was too difficult though, I had a hard time with the second level because of the timing. I think having the challenges be a bit more forgiving would help alot. I loved this submission!:)

Fun concept, I think the idea of providing the frogs with specific needs is great:) You fit the theme well too and I like the art! I couldn't tell if it was glitching or if I simply didn't understand but I had trouble placing rooms and things didn't always worked when I clicked on them. Overall a great submission!:)

Very fun concept! I think the art made it confusing which ingredients to use for the recipes. Great submission:)