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I'm not very smart so I ran around for 5 minutes without realizing it was multiplayer. Cool game though. I love the player sprite!


THIS GAME IS SO ADORABLE! I just love the art and audio. The use of the theme is cool too. Awesome game!

I played your game here's mine:

I've seen a lot of games that have this sort of gameplay but this game is just so extremely polished that it makes up for it!

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I rated your game here's mine:

Oh shoot sorry you already played my game. Never mind.    :)

still the best jam game

Awesome controls! The aesthetic is cool to.

I was a little bit confused about what was going on but the art is cool and I like all  of the screenshake.

Cool idea. I love the artwork! I feel like the game could've used a little more juice.  Something like screenshake. Cool game though!

Yeah, I don't know maybe I was just bad. Cool game though!

Interesting game. I couldn't figure out how to play though. I think that's just me though.

I was really surprised when I saw that it was a typing game. Cool game!

Fun idea but the gameplay was a little simple. Really clean and nice art though!

Cool game!

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I also rated and reviewed your game.

my game:

I like your use of post processing and the thumbnail is cute.  I also really like the game feel and juice that you put into this game, the particle  effects are really cool. I don't really see how it fits the theme though.

Awesome use of the theme! I'm not quite coordinated enough to play it though.

I like the idea but I had trouble figuring out how to play. I also like the aesthetic.

I really like the art and the palette you chose but I don't really see how this fits the theme.

I love your thumbnail but I can't play the game! you only included the exe file and so I can't play the game. make sure to zip everything in the build folder.

This game looks really cool but it keeps giving me a network error.  Love the art though! :(

Hi! Love the artwork and your use of the theme is probably the most interesting out of any game I've seen. However, I found the placement of the camera to be a little confusing because it makes it seem like that is the only part of the viewport that will be in the photo.

I love the vaporware aesthetic! My main issue is that the mouse sensitivity is really high. Also the tutorial text was a little slow. Cool game though.

I really like the art in this game!

Love the art and audio. Great game feel also!

Please leave a comment!

This is amazing. I don't think it really fits the theme but it's so good. please make it into a full game. (I'm also gonna repost this comment on your ludum dare page)

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I only have one gamepad :(. could you please add keyboard support? Looks cool though.

This game is pretty good. I have 2 recommendations though. The first is just about graphics. First is that Since you have very minimalist graphics I would recommend you use a color palette, they just sort of make things look nicer. Second is that although there's some game here it is lacking in game feel, I would recommend you look at this talk by one of the creator of Nuclear Throne and Minit and possibly apply some of these things to your game: 

This game is amazing! I love the art! I love the characters! The puzzles were smart! and it made me feel like an awful person (rip frog sheriff)

Neat game! I like the visuals and the puzzles are pretty nice. although the jump is a little weird.

I like the visuals and the gameplay is pretty good but I don't see how it fits the theme. Also I would recommend making the lasers bigger and giving the enemies different colored lasers then you. It becomes a bit confusing.

I like the idea and the visuals but I found it hard to figure out how to play.

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Oh my gosh I remember seeing you on discord! I'm happy to know you liked it!

The puzzles are good but I really like the aesthetic! I also love how you used post processing.

neat game! I think the aesthetic looks nice. But I don't understand why there's a lives system though. also it looks a bit odd how you have the different assets at different pixel sizes.

Fun game! I wish the tutorial was a bit shorter and I feel like the way it fits the theme is just by having a limited use bounce pad but that doesn't matter because this game made me learn that using a limited use bounce pad is FUN!