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This is amazing. I don't think it really fits the theme but it's so good. please make it into a full game. (I'm also gonna repost this comment on your ludum dare page)

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I only have one gamepad :(. could you please add keyboard support? Looks cool though.

This game is pretty good. I have 2 recommendations though. The first is just about graphics. First is that Since you have very minimalist graphics I would recommend you use a color palette, they just sort of make things look nicer. Second is that although there's some game here it is lacking in game feel, I would recommend you look at this talk by one of the creator of Nuclear Throne and Minit and possibly apply some of these things to your game: 

This game is amazing! I love the art! I love the characters! The puzzles were smart! and it made me feel like an awful person (rip frog sheriff)

Neat game! I like the visuals and the puzzles are pretty nice. although the jump is a little weird.

I like the visuals and the gameplay is pretty good but I don't see how it fits the theme. Also I would recommend making the lasers bigger and giving the enemies different colored lasers then you. It becomes a bit confusing.

I like the idea and the visuals but I found it hard to figure out how to play.

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Oh my gosh I remember seeing you on discord! I'm happy to know you liked it!

The puzzles are good but I really like the aesthetic! I also love how you used post processing.

neat game! I think the aesthetic looks nice. But I don't understand why there's a lives system though. also it looks a bit odd how you have the different assets at different pixel sizes.

Fun game! I wish the tutorial was a bit shorter and I feel like the way it fits the theme is just by having a limited use bounce pad but that doesn't matter because this game made me learn that using a limited use bounce pad is FUN! 

This game is great! I think the puzzles are smart and I really like the art. I also like how you don't have an arbitrary lives counter but instead your remaining bombs are your lives.


That's wild. Also could you please check out my game?

I like the art and sound but I can't figure out how to properly play because the scene transition won't finish. but what I was able to play was fun.

Could you please also try my game?

Cool game! I feel like just making the shakes is really fun. I don't know exactly what I'm making but I think might be the point. I also don't really get how this fits the theme.

Neat game. I feel like this uses the theme in a little bit of an uncreative way but its executed pretty well aside from the bugs.

This game is awesome! I love the idea of a tower defense and top down shooter game! and it is just polished so well! Awesome job!

I really like this game! the puzzles are interesting. The idea is funny, and I love how you used the theme!

The humor is a little too dark for me but I think the gameplay is interesting.

Actually after rereading the description I guess it does. Never mind. Also could you please try out my game?

I like the idea but since it is very simple I would expect it to be more polished. I'm sure it was more complex then it looks though.

I like the idea but it is way too hard to control. I like the visuals and intro though.

The idea's neat but the controls making it somewhat difficult to play.

I like the art and moving around as the dolphin, I read the description but I don't feel like the gameplay fits with the theme that well. and also the soundtrack is kind of annoying. Neat game though!

I don't quite get the gameplay but the art, audio and polish is AMAZING.

Also could you please check out my game?

Also could you please check out my game?

I tried playing and the visuals are very good but there was just way too much mouse sensitivity for me to be able to play

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Awesome game! I love all the art and I really like how you've used the theme! I would write more but I don't have any flaws to point out!

This game is amazing. I have no idea how you made it in the time limit! I don't have any flaws to point out in it. Awesome use of the theme and nice job.

I've seen this concept done a couple of times but you have done it with a level of polish I have not seen!

Thanks for playing! I'm so happy to know you liked it.

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Also could you please check out my game?

I don't really see how this game fits the theme but I love the art. also I would recommend using a bit more squash and stretch with the animation when you're using this art style.

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the idea is pretty good but the controls feel really weird which makes it almost impossible for me to play without being able to fly.

Also could you please try my game?

I like the idea and I think the puzzles are well designed. but I do think the jump feels off which made it difficult for me to get past the tutorial levels since it requires somewhat precise platforming.

also could you please check out my game?

I really liked this game! I liked the story and its weird sense of humor,  I liked bob, I like the art, and I liked the level design in general. My only problem is that I wish you had made the speed boosts a little easier to control. Also some sound would've been nice.