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i know this is late but thanks to everyone that played the game and for your comments, i had internet problems and couldn't keep up.

I will take it all into consideration and in sha allah make a better game! :D

I didn't understand the game very well, it was confusing, but good visuals.

nice and fun but go for more original game next time :P but it was a new twist to flappy bird so still fun :D (Y)

@Zeem _Game_Studios yes i just noticed to i deleted my comment and re commented again (Y)

Very lovely game and truly amazing visuals! keep up the good work!

Nice game and fun, good job

Honestly one of the best games i've played so far, really excellent job in such short time. love the visual style and game mechanics, there are glitches, controls kinda need more explaining, but other than that very wonderful job!

i hope you finish this game and release it on the app store (Y) best of luck bro :) 5/5

Great work but the game needs some fixing and small stuff like looking behind when moving the player to the left xD, great visuals. Hope you guys update it and continue work on this game (Y)

The game is very amusing and funny, the visuals are awesome :D , keep up the good work :

Loved the fact that you tried to send a message with your game, as mentioned before it's fun and the visuals are great , i just with it was a bit longer ^_^ , Best of luck guys!

very lovely game, the only thing it was a bit confusing, other than that great job guys!

lovely game :D like everyone noted the only thing missing is the short timing ^_^ , Best of luck !

This game would be perfect for mobile, simple and funny, Great job !

The visuals, Voice overs and sounds were top notch. Really loved you added a bit of story to the game. Great job!

@Danar Thanks for you clarification, i just updated the page to list windows as platfrom instead of unknown. Now it's back to normal ^_^, and I have contacted you by email.

nice game :) keep up the good work and can easily be made into a mobile game, best of luck (Y)

The art is wonderful and the game is simple yet fun, although it has few glitches like time doesn't reset after death and also infinite jumping, other than that it was really fun to play! wish you the best of luck!

The concept is fresh, the graphics are great and lovely execution of the whole project. awesome game!

The game is simple and addictive! very nice work.

I loved the game and the concept like has been mentioned in the comments , can easily be transformed into multiplayer, so keep up the good work! ,, although the game restarts sometimes without showing a winner so it was a bit confusing , other than that great job!