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TY for the review!

Ty for the review!

TY so much for the review!

Thanks for the review!

I did?

Cool android game. I actually loved it! Props for doing something different.

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Cool concept, very basic, yet enjoyable. Great game!

(Edit) : You used pygame!!? Extra points for you.

Cool game concept, however, wayy to easy. I could see potential. Also, as the other guy said, I had to use tm to close.

Really nice game!

Enjoyment: 5/5

Concept: 5/5

Presentation: 4/5

Limitation: 5/5

Dude, great job! 5/5  stars for everything!

Dude, sick game! Very fun.

(1 edit) xD

Ill check yours out rn

Try mine I know you'll love it.

I love the music & the sprites! Looks and sounds great, but game could use some improving, gave good rating!

Really good game for 72 hours.

Cool! It's def a rage game lol.

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I like the game-mechanics & the sprites look great. GG dude.

I will give 5/5 stars!

Cool game dude! Loved it,  though you could've added more boss phases.

Yeah, my brother suggested a lot of stuff so I kind of just did it lol. I had the plan to make a game like this from before the limitation, but I really liked it so when it came out, I kind of just shrugged my shoulders and did it lol.

Love the game idea, however, there are certainly things you can do to improve.

Good concept for a game! A little hard though.

Great game! Cool sprites & animations.

Fun game dude! I enjoyed playing it!

Dude, great game!

Yeah, makes sense. Actually, I added a shoot indicator, but I deleted my UI and had to redo it, so I forgot to remake it... Yikes

Thank you for trying it a third time! I do appreciate it.

I like the concept, but after playing a bit, the game just kinda crashed.


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Pretty cool game dude! Though, at times, left me quite confused.

Sure! Please try out my game I worked really hard on it and know that you will love it!

Cool game dude!

Cool art dude, I love it! I must admit I got a little frustrated at it!

Pretty cool dude. I love the cute little sprites. THE SFX ARE AMAZING LOL. Pretty unique idea.

No Prob! 

I was also wondering if you would like to try my game out. Its pretty cool and haven't gotten many reviews :(

Would you like to try out my game? It's pretty sick and I havn't been getting any reviews :(

Same, I am a pretty good programmer who can't draw to save his life. I don't even have a art software! I USE PIXELART.COM

For being an incomplete game, it's pretty good.

Great game btw. Loved it!

Please try my game: I worked on if for so long and my brain cells are depleting.

Cool game. I love the graphics for the frog. Cool squish physics!

Dude, I love this game. GOOD JOB.