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Somehow managed to miss that, thanks :)

Ross whats the theme?

You just need to put me in the credits of what you make, other than that you're good.

I've had a look and the only error I saw was one relating to the Ai looking for weapons, please could you post the version of unity you're using and the errors your getting so I can look into them?

I'll have a look at the bugs and have an update in the next week or so.

Hi, the download has ben re enabled.

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Loud or Quiet

The year is 1990. You have lost your job due to nepotism and have decided to rob the place in retribution. This sets off a chain of events that exposes you to the greed & death that come with the American Dream, Becoming wealthy over everything else.

Loud or Quiet is a top down shooter where the aim is to make as much money as you can, either loudly or quietly.

The full game & demo versions can be found here.


  • Story Mode: 24 Story missions telling our tale.
  • Arcade Mode: Achive a set of objectives in an open level within a time limit.
  • Playstyle: Will you be a ghost? or leave nothing but corpses in your wake? 15+ Weapons from tiny silenced pistols to grenade launchers & bazookas to help compliment your playstyle.

Upcoming Features:

  • Apocalypse Mode
  • Steam Release

The most recent update video: