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Now that is an extensive bug report. :o
Thank you so much SmokingFrog! This is super helpful and many of it will definitely find its way into the next release(s).

I converted everything you mentioned into tasks for bugfixes in our planning tool and also  added it to the list of known issues in this thread.

Apart from that: I'm glad you enjoyed it even in this early stage! :)
It's like you already said: The real magic of the game unfolds when playing the heroes with your friends. This will also improve for singleplayer experiences when we find time to improve all the AIs (which is part of the roadmap).

Thank you again for the support!

I see the problem now... :D Well I really can't promise you anything for your machine then, sorry.
But I'm impressed your machine is still running and you are happy working with it. :)

Thank you again very much for your willingness to try and the detailed reports!

Hi tapwag,

thank you so much for trying the game and sorry for it actually not working on your machine! :(

It is correct the game currently requires DirectX 11 to run. This may change in the (far) future, but sadly I can't promise you anything on that as of yet.

What I can do though is providing you an actual Linux Build of the game! This one should be okay with anything from OpenGL 3.2 upwards. 
I just uploaded it to the game's page. If you are still willing to try, any feedback on how that goes on your machine would be highly appreciated!

Thank you so much for playing the game and providing this playthrough video, Z9ZGames!

How did you like the game? Do you have any immediate suggestions as to what should be improved first?

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Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble is the ultimate local 3 vs. 1 laser arena brawler any sane soul has to play at least once.  It’s as addicting as taking a nap when you actually have work to do and just can’t stop procrastinating.

You will be divided into teams, or to be more precise it’s three of you against one. So make sure the newest and/or least likeable friend is the one you team up against! (No worries hated friend. The game will lend you the power you always desired to blast your so-called "friends" into the ground!)

Three heroes will fight the mighty boss and it’s your goal to destroy the other team. Seriously, smash them!

Sounds interesting? Perfect. Try it! It's free!

This game will recieve substantial updates over the next couple of months! A full development cycle with a major release is planned. It will stay free for the complete alpha stage here on, since we are excited to develop the game with feedback coming directly from its community since day 1.

A roadmap with the detailed plans and coming changes will follow soon, so follow us either here on itch, TwitterInstagram or Facebook to stay up to date. We are greatful for every single person who decides to participate in our little rollercoaster ride!

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If you encounter any issues, please post them below. The list of known bugs will be updated on every new release.

Known Issues

  1. Settings made ingame are not saved and resetted on each game start.
  2. The options menu isn't responding as intended for controller inputs. The resolution dropdown isn't scrolling.
  3. The options menu hasn't been looked at in quite a while. Maybe better don't even open it... We take no responsibility for what may happen to you there.
  4. Clicking on buttons in menus with the mouse results in not being able to focus on buttons with the controller again. Only a restart fixes this.
  5. The AI for the Tank class will sometimes stop moving for no specific reason.
  6. The Boss can push the Tank hero out of the level geometry in rare occasions.
  7. If the shield ability is active and an ability switch is initiated, the shield stays active indefinitely
  8. Pausing the game during the countdown for a level start results in multiple bugs:
    1. Orb starts moving on resume
    2. The music keeps playing and gets out of sync
    3. The countdown doesn't disappear on pause
  9. The healthbar occasionally jumps to its neutral position when a round ends (winner will be recognized correctly)