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Please report issues here! Sticky

A topic by UniGlow Entertainment created 90 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 6
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Developer (3 edits)

If you encounter any issues, please post them below. The list of known bugs will be updated on every new release.

Known Issues

  1. Settings made ingame are not saved and resetted on each game start.
  2. The options menu isn't responding as intended for controller inputs. The resolution dropdown isn't scrolling.
  3. The options menu hasn't been looked at in quite a while. Maybe better don't even open it... We take no responsibility for what may happen to you there.
  4. Clicking on buttons in menus with the mouse results in not being able to focus on buttons with the controller again. Only a restart fixes this.
  5. The AI for the Tank class will sometimes stop moving for no specific reason.
  6. The Boss can push the Tank hero out of the level geometry in rare occasions.
  7. If the shield ability is active and an ability switch is initiated, the shield stays active indefinitely
  8. Pausing the game during the countdown for a level start results in multiple bugs:
    1. Orb starts moving on resume
    2. The music keeps playing and gets out of sync
    3. The countdown doesn't disappear on pause
  9. The healthbar occasionally jumps to its neutral position when a round ends (winner will be recognized correctly)

The game seems to have "fairly high" graphics standards and seems to require DirectX11. I didn't expect this as I still have a fairly old machine.

I just saw your recent announcement for the alpha and thought I'd give it a try on Linux using latest wine which a technology which translates Windows-API-calls to Linux system calls. This is the output that I got: 

Failed to initialize graphics.
Make sure you have DirectX 11 installed, have up to date
drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled
3D acceleration in display settings.
InitializeEngineGraphics failed

Hi tapwag,

thank you so much for trying the game and sorry for it actually not working on your machine! :(

It is correct the game currently requires DirectX 11 to run. This may change in the (far) future, but sadly I can't promise you anything on that as of yet.

What I can do though is providing you an actual Linux Build of the game! This one should be okay with anything from OpenGL 3.2 upwards. 
I just uploaded it to the game's page. If you are still willing to try, any feedback on how that goes on your machine would be highly appreciated!


I just tried the Linux build. One thing that I noticed was that the binaries had to be made executable by doing a 

chmod +x Neon\ Nova\ Ultra\ Space\ Rumble.x86_64

on them (in this case for the 64-Bit version).

However my machine is simply to old to run the game. It's an old Mac Mini Mid-2007 which I still use to do my translations and office work. The reason why I am still hanging on to this machine is that it is very silent but I understand if you consider it outdated.

This is the graphics chipset that the old fellow has built in:

/sbin/lspci | grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

The Linux distribution I am using is openSUSE "Tumbleweed" which is a rolling release and gets daily updates and from which SUSE Linux Enterprise as a commercial product is built. As it is a moving target there are occasional hickups but for daily use I am perfectly happy with it.

Thanks for producing the Linux binaries and putting them online. I liked the screen configuration screen.

Also this is my console output:

mwagner@warren:~/Downloads/NNUSR_Alpha0.1_Linux> ./Neon\ Nova\ Ultra\ Space\ Rumble.x86_64 Set current directory to /home/mwagner/Downloads/NNUSR_Alpha0.1_Linux
Found path: /home/mwagner/Downloads/NNUSR_Alpha0.1_Linux/Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '/home/mwagner/Downloads/NNUSR_Alpha0.1_Linux/Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/mwagner/Downloads/NNUSR_Alpha0.1_Linux/Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble_Data/Mono/etc'
Preloaded ''
Unable to preload the following plugins:
PlayerPrefs - Creating folder: /home/mwagner/.config/unity3d/UniGlow Entertainment GmbH
PlayerPrefs - Creating folder: /home/mwagner/.config/unity3d/UniGlow Entertainment GmbH/Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble
Logging to /home/mwagner/.config/unity3d/UniGlow Entertainment GmbH/Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble/Player.log does not support the 0x27a2 PCI ID.
Have a good weekend and happy hacking!

I see the problem now... :D Well I really can't promise you anything for your machine then, sorry.
But I'm impressed your machine is still running and you are happy working with it. :)

Thank you again very much for your willingness to try and the detailed reports!


So after some playthroughs of the available levels let's talk about an overall impression:

It's colorful, straightforward and will be a fun multiplayer in the future. I refuse to break it down to some simple numbers or percentages as the early state of the application does deserve more of a textual feedback.

Let's start with the negative points first - which are all not related to gameplay:
1. The sound settings are not preserved. We've got the same problem like nearly every other game on the this planet: the sound on startup is pretty damned loud. Heading on the options menu. Changing it, everything is fine. Restarting the game and boom! 100% again.

2. Mouse interaction is working, but is probably intended not to do so? When running the game in fullscreen mode, clicking seems to remove focus from the actual menu options. The worst thing: I'm not able to regain focus - relaunching was the only way to resolve this issue. In windowed mode the problem is the same but with resolves itself: Though the cursor is not visible, we are actually allowed to click on the elements in the menus. Thus starting a game or switching up options is totally possible and the game does not need to be restarted. (As long as you are not within the game - then it's the same as in fullscreen)

3. The options menu design. The overall style fits the application but it's to shiny. As a User I'd expect the entry that I am about to change to be highlighted. In NNUSR its the other way around, the item to change loses the highlight. That works out in the Graphic area, but gives the player a hard time in the sound menu. the highlight does no change enough for being clear what the seletion is. Additionally: The toggle for windowed/fullscreen mode does not have any label associated. It just exists.

4. The Project Name: UnityProjectTemplate - like... everywhere? In TaskSwitcher, in the title of the windowed mode, in the title of the "before launch settings", When hovering in the taskbar. Changing the icon would also be nice a touch but is not necessary to identify what Unity Project it is.

Now let's reach out for the game itself:
We are playing the boss. Which is cool. But hard. sometimes. Why is that the case? It seems like this is highly dependent on the playstyle: being aggressive and trying to hunt down the heroes has a higher difficulty as being defensive.
Cptn. Pew Pew shoots like a maniac as soon as he sees the boss, The shield guy is more or less negligible as he shields himself and waits for the cooldown. The vicious sphere guy is the most important in current state of game. By simply maneuvering around pew pew and trying to outrun them in circles, the vicious sphere does most of the work, no shooting acivity necessary.
The crazy thing is: this randomness is tough especially in the narrow levels, never granting the possibility for a 100% win.

All in all it's fun - I'd love to see how the multiplayer is working out in the end.

To summarize: Fun now, probably even more fun in the future - high potential to become a "just one more round" game with friends, sitting on the couch, destroying friendships like Mario Kart in once did..


Now that is an extensive bug report. :o
Thank you so much SmokingFrog! This is super helpful and many of it will definitely find its way into the next release(s).

I converted everything you mentioned into tasks for bugfixes in our planning tool and also  added it to the list of known issues in this thread.

Apart from that: I'm glad you enjoyed it even in this early stage! :)
It's like you already said: The real magic of the game unfolds when playing the heroes with your friends. This will also improve for singleplayer experiences when we find time to improve all the AIs (which is part of the roadmap).

Thank you again for the support!