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i don't think the cop shot the mc, i think she shot the serial killer/her brother

I was only saying that I could see the game eventually going that far

I wasn’t talking about changing it now. I was meaning once you have it the way you want it. Then see if you could import it to unity and have it work that way.

What you have done so far is great in both versions. I would love to see this eventually evolve from a text-based type game all the way to what can be called a unity game.

the closest that i have come to finding that game is one called immutable

i purchased the game and have not recieved a steam key

it downloaded correctly this time i have no idea where that other game came from, but it was titled ouroboros also

I don't know if i got the wrong file or what but what i have is an incomplete game that starts you of as the son of a blacksmith,(the son) who practices alchemy.

has this one been fully translated to english?

i'm one of those ones that like to play campaigns not play multiplayer

It is saying that i'm missing the GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin file

I got a message sying something about "cooked" files not being there, and geting an "uncooked" version. What does that mean?

the way you put the date confused me.

is the update scheduled for this month or December?

will there be a time where you can actually dominate the enemies sexually?

Strive for Power community · Created a new topic updates

when do you do the updates?

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic campaign

will the campaign ever become released for the public?

I go to download the game but after the download box with the suggested games pops up but not the download itself