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Thanks a lot Azrhyga <3 You can already hear the soundtrack from the game page !

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Hello Spencer !

We’re interested to be part of the bundle, with our game The Arcade Tower. It’s a 2D puzzle-platformer we did while in our computer science study.

Here’s the link to the game :

Have a great day !


Hello ! Thanks for your comment, it’s always a pleasure !

I’m happy you enjoyed playing the game, stay tuned for future updates, the next one will be in a few days or weeks, depending of the amount of work we have ^^

PS: I’ll give you updates on your different feedbacks, we take care of every feedback when we receive them 😊

Hi ! Thanks for playing and giving us your comment ! We’re currently improving the general platform gameplay in an update that will come in a few days, so stay in touch !

(and yes, some parts are quite harder than the rest 👀)

Hello ! I’m glad you love our game ! About the main character, we plan to redesign him (he was made before we thought of making a game 😅) in a future update. Concerning controller support, yep, definitely a good idea to add a second bind, I’ll work on that ! For the input lag, I haven’t heard about it, I’ll take a deep look at this, I’m sorry if you had any.. Better movement of player and ennemies is also coming in a future update, but for the variable jump height, I’ll check if it’s possible to implement it

Thanks again, we really appreciate the support ! 💜

Ohh thanks for that kind comment ! Really appreciate it, we tried our best with the level we have We’ve got some updates on the road, keep an eye on the game 😊 ^^

Thanks for your tought ! Glad you love it, we tried our best ^^

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Hello ! We released last week our very first game called The Arcade Tower, it’s a 2D-platformer completely hand drawn and designed by us, two french students in computer science. The game is a classical platformer, full of puzzles with a little bit of reflexion :) Everything takes place in a fictive world, accompagnied by classical music and strange entities and objects to help you, or not, reach the end of the game…

Get it from here and tell us what you think ! ↓ ↓ ↓