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unforeseen creations

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lol what an experience 

Ooooh ok thank you! Will try it next time!

Pretty good game, but i cant collide with the enemies or power-ups..

Good concept!

Really fun and quirky, but also a bit hard for me... especially in 2 balls mode T.T

Loved the humor and the "fourth wall breaks" ;)

Cool visuals and game! Unfortunately I can't drag the boxes properly... dont know if it's a bug or it's just me...

Very cool though!

i cant get the key in the first level :c

Cool game, the UI is very good.

funny game

The polish and presentation are amazing. You really nailed the theme of this gamejam. really loved it. ottimo lavoro.

very nice game! there's a strange bug tho, in which textures load after some seconds. other than that, cool game!

Amazing concept. Loved the minigames and the easter eggs, reminded me a bit of warioware lol. Great game.

The game didnt start on my pc unfortunately :c

Cool game, a bit too hard though lol.
The presentation is great, i loved the intro and music.

Simple concept, amazing execution. I really enjoyed it!

The WASD movement was a bit buggy, and my character fell off the screen..
Really cool graphics and presentation though!

Really cool pixel visuals! Unfortunately the restart menu didnt work for me..

Awesome presentation. You really have transformed an arcade classic into a modern game!

The art style is amazing, the amount of effort you put in is just insane

Good game, really well polished!

yes it was! there are some screenshots of the old game in the about page if you're curious!

Very quirky game! I especially liked the motion blur effects on the characters and the transitions between one level to another! Great job!

The game is extremely polished, wow!

Thanks a lot man! :)

:D love your games tho, i jjust played your entry for the haunted ps1 gamejam... i still wonder how have you managed to make that cool bouncing effect :O

it crashed for some reason, just as i was reaching the goal :c

I really, really like this game.