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Underwear Demesne

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We are really on the fence about this, so we made a poll on YouTube. Please check it out and vote on which is the best decision.

Glad to hear it! Show us what you've made whenever you have the chance.

Version 0.4 is talking a while to finish up. We're working on a new tutorial system (with videos!), meaning the help menu is getting a make over. Plenty new features coming for the mannequins and the scene. So excited just thinking about it!

As a gesture of kindness, we've made Wedgie Simulator available to play for FREE on Steam for the rest of this month until the end of Halloween (November 1st). You can play it on Steam right now! Click that Request Access button on the Steam page!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Banner

Turns out all of HTML5's core components are also deprecated. So we're trying our luck with Pixel Streaming to see if we can get it working here on Itch. Fingers cross that it even works here at all.

We're still working on an HTML port. Unreal Engine 4 broke the plugin that helps us do that, so we're trying to fix it.

What do you mean?

Our Discord community server is 18+, which means we cannot allow underage persons in the server for safety reasons. Instead you can use this discussions board for any feedback, help, or concerns with the game.

This is not restricted to just the underage. Anyone can create topics and comment on this board as well, even if you are not a fan of using Discord.