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This is an extremely cool creature and would be very useful. You could backwards construct an entire Sphere from this.


Glad you enjoyed it!

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What are the Lion and the Unicorn actually fighting about? Why does the White King hold court in a dungeon? And doesn’t Director Humpty believe in railings?

New neologisms and borrowed expressions are sprinkled throughout The High Weald of Wabe, or just the Wabe to its citizens. Travellers can continue their quest to meet the Jabberwock, or they can take up any number of causes on behalf of 4 competing factions.

This is the second installment of Tulgey, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired setting and adventure(s) for the Cairn and OSR systems.

Check out the zine here and the free first installment here

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy it

This is the first and forever free installment of Tulgey: An Alice in Wonderland-inspired setting and adventure(s) for the Cairn system.

Great for a quick adventure or multi session, all ages can follow Alice through the rabbit hole.

The forever-free edition includes: -12 NPCs based on Wonderland characters -1 adventure and multiple sidequests -11 threats in the bestiary -atmospheric Public Domain art -a delightful glossary from the New Forest dialect of Southampton, England -an index of terms, NPCs, and places

My first stab at a fleshed-out OSR adventure, based on the fantastic Cairn system and with lots of room for narrative freedom.

This is my first stab at a full-fledged OSR adventure. I tried to follow the aesthetic of the Cairn handbook so ideally they look nice on the table top together.

Hi! I’m Michael, @unclevova6 on twitter. I started making ttrpg stuff a couple of months ago and found there was little to no information on how creators can promote their stuff. As a player, I found it very difficult to discover and learn about products that interested me. I put together a little survey to try to learn more. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. The survey is found here and takes less than 5 minutes. Once we have some results, I’ll post discoveries back here!

More of a comment on the modern ttrpg world, this is a delightful little experiment, which I will immediately play on Twitter with the #missingrpg hashtag. 5/5 virtual telephone poles.

An excellent simple mechanic to progress a story and world using just 1d6. A well thought out oracle makes the game immersive and capable of surprise. 5/5 alien welcome mats.

Taking on the larger corpus of John Wyndham was a good stress test for Pilcrow and while some aspects of the adaptation were made easier, creating a coherent story structure was impossible. The result was a sandbox 24xx game Cozy Catastrophes with vague prompts. This also opened up the universe to appeal to both fans of Wyndham and those who don’t know he exists.

The next step is applying the system to a larger single work and codifying the System(tm). Then we can start playtesting. If you are interested in playtesting, please comment below.

Grapple with mobile carnivorous plants, hivemind mind-controlling alien babies, unknowable deep-sea aliens, and post-apocalyptic cult enforcers in this homage to the magnificent corpus of John Wyndham’s close-to-home sci-fi stories.


Cozy Catastrophes Teaser Trailer from UncleVova on Vimeo.

Maybe I’ll send LPL this game! Do let me know how it goes, and if well, consider giving it some stars :)

Pish Tush Jumped is the first game to use Pilcrow SRD principles for designing a ttrpg from a work of literature. Using the Breathless system (CC BY 4.0) for core mechanics it is a proof of concept of the Pilcrow System.

I will definitely take another look at it. Was there anywhere specific that was confusing?


Thank you so much! The bad guy HP has to be tweaked a little but, it plays reasonably easily.

When you carry the light of hope within yourself, you rely on no one else for your path and happinesses. We may not always feel that way, but this game gives us a reason to feel it for a short while. Spoiler: The fictional light of hope lasts longer than the game does. I think it is because I willed it into existence, and the endgame is not sufficient to snuff it out. Bonus for the great art. 5/5 bright futures

Whenever robots are involved, Coolness should definitely be a stat! Awesome fun game. Especially for younger audiences. 5/5 happy robot battles

Game Poems? Maybe. I don’t think English has a word for what this is without resting on jargon or vagueness. More encompassing than a game; more art installation than poem. This will be coming with me camping and we’ll see what it could be called framed by a small wilderness fire. 5/5 skeleton 6-packs

A great little mechanism with a noble goal. Unsurprisingly, the prompts have great relevance and some are easier to answer than others. While the subject matter is heavy, the simple fact that a side is striving for peace, well… peace is one thing we can’t have too much of. 5/5 conference room tables

Silly monsters chewing and tooting their way to freedom? I am here for it. The art is great and the game is well explained with useful diagrams. 5/5 sulphur breezes

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A ubercute idea that maybe would be best played by someone with a bit of artistic skill. The cover art alone is enough to brighten someone’s day. (edit: clarity) 5/5 whiskers

What an elegant way for someone to enjoy a setting or world without getting their hands dirty. The accumulated tales would be a very fruitful medium for imagination. I could also picture this as a great session starter or ender, where players can take turns mythologizing their past exploits. 5/5 tavern coasters

Full transparency: I am biased towards cat games. This one is great! Extremely well formatted with great typography and layout, and simple, provocative tables for play. 5/5 laser pointers

We tend to underestimate the value of small things in our life. No matter our opinions on fortunes or cookies, this game is a champion for the idea of being a light to others. I love that it is modelled after a takeaway menu. 5/5 Chinese dumplings

This is an amazing piggyback on the niceness of a hot drink. Open-ended questions help avoid getting blocked and round out the experience. 5/5 London Fogs

Super cute. Play it in 10 minutes during break on a stressful day. Or play it anytime you want to call to mind these little guys. The factoids are a fun bonus. 5/5 shiny butts

Fantastic, charming, magical. The setting is a world completely alien but also very much the real world. Tiny in every aspect, proving that less is more. The idea of two Tinist Wizard’s finding one another is heart-melting. 5/5 mini wands

Quick to read and understand. But the clean, spacious layout is deceptive. There is an incredible depth to this concept. More than a journaling exercise, because the concepts of isolation, despair, deprivation, and powerlessness are ofter very real parts of everyday thought patterns. The options for playing with others are fantastic. 5/5 Johnny Castaways

Too bad I would end up being the adult person in this game. Gritty hardcore games like to do the unwilling broken protagonist and one participates in the healing. This is a perfect light-hearted approach that still carries a story of a life turned around. 5/5 do-gooder reformed minions

This is a fantastic read. The stat block is very well-thought-out and seems like it would help keep roll outcomes tied to the theme and the overall goal. Not to mention, sales support a very real hope. Judging from the cover art and the concepts, this will be a fantastic finished product. 5/5 beacons of warm yellow light

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I will see if I can’t make it clearer.

  1. With endless attempts, there is no need for strategy and IMHO wouldn’t be fun. If the picklock can’t guess within x rounds, the attempt is failed.
  2. With 3 or more physical dice, the picklock has to decide which pindie position they are attempting on a die-by-die basis. In secondary rounds, this can be part of the strategy.
  3. For example, 2 pindie are hidden from the picklock (a, b); since neither die rolled open a pin, the picklock can guess either pindie a or pindie b. This corresponds to an IRL lockpicker *finessing” the pin to get it into place.

btw I really like how your procedure handles time passing