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Now I tend to close the window a lot when I want to go back to viewing my data, Maybe a way to scroll the dataset table and note under it. Or open it in another nested window?  I work with CVS/Excel. I like the current ways to do tables but when it comes to something premade I have to do a lot of back and forth.

A way to import databased into it? If thats possible.  And maybe a way to view them properly

Thanks a lot! It works!
I totally forgot to try the SVG option, It's what I needed! 

Sure! Apologize for the late reply, had to get home from the trip. Thanks again!

The Mindmap seems to totally ignore the ''Network'' category for me when exported.
Also, is there a plan to have the option to export in the colors used in the previewer?

Initially, the display appears as expected. However, when I attempt to adjust the size of the preview window, it breaks like in the image i sent above. I somewhat understand this behavior as it tries to ensure that all the information fits within the preview window. Nevertheless, the problem is that resizing the window back to its original size does not resolve the problem. The only solution is to restart the application.

Hello, I'm experiencing a recurring issue with Gantt schemes. Whenever I minimize or maximize the preview multiple times, the text suddenly stretches in, causing the entire table to become clunky. I've also noticed that text overlaps when the space is too small, but I understand that this may be unavoidable.

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Thank's a Lot for the new update! I'ts been what I keep checking the threads almost on a Daily basis.

I'm amazed and I think everyone will love it

Hi, I'm up to date with the latest release. The issue has been happening since i purchased Deepdwn. It happens both on my Windows 10 Laptop and Windows 11 Desktop. It has happened every time i have used check boxes and not just on this particular file. 

Either way this sample was  from a simple File that I was just working on. Usually I tend to go overboard with boxes and diagrams, I don't know how that can affect it though.

Hi, my job requires me to make a monthly summary of what i have done, I used to photoshop checkboxes  and present those until then switched to deepwdn. 

Though I don't know why the feature bugs out sometimes  

The fix you suggested worked! Thanks!

Hi, Recently I started using Deepdwn to track my work tasks. The issue is that the dates on the bottom are difficult to read and merge together in this weird way.
V0.37.0 Windows 10

Just wanted to go in on this.
The idea of more diagrams and mindmaps is amazing!!
Can't wait.

What?  That was not even a day haha

Thanks Billiam! 

I'm a project manager. This helps me out soo much!

Thank you! I love this!

Correct, i usually just copy paste them in. The formatting seems to be fine. But I would need to test how it would look with tables that go too big.

Realistically, i doubt one would be able to paste a giant table in a pdf. But a shrinked version of a medium table could work? No idea if implementable.

A bit of both, but columns on top tend to go so far to the right where they are not visible anymore.

I tend to export excel sheets to markdown pretty often, and whenever i paste sheets that are too wide they will not show up on the preview mode. They cut off right at the end, as far as the preview canva will allow.

Hello, can i try your game out?

Hey there!
Id like to try this out if possible