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Hey guys, is there any chance to include new games in the bundle? Like others, we missed this.

Anyway, here it is:

You can try two things:

  1. Move all the files ("Deaths Life.exe" and the folder "Deaths Life_Data") to another folder, away from desktop, and try to run the game from there.
  2. Try to run the game as administrator: right click "Deaths Life.exe" -> Run as administrator. Click Yes on the dialog.
Seems that you don't have permission to save data on the Desktop, then the game can't create the save folder and files.

You can also download and install the app for Windows, using it you will have automatic updates for the game in the future:

Let us know if worked.

Umbu Games


Can you please check if there's a file named "dl.sav" inside the game folder? This file should be at "Deaths Life_Data\Save" folder.

We suspect that the folder where you extracted/installed the game doesn't allow to save data. Can you tell us where did you extracted/installed the game please?


Umbu Games


Our game Death's Life is finally out today! helped us a lot to spread the word about it and we really like to thank them.

We started here and our demo was donwloaded more than 10.000 times on Itch!!!

Death's Life Logo

Death's Life is a puzzle game with an atmosphere of terror and suspense. In the game, the player assumes the role of an apprentice of the Death and must eliminate his victims using a chain reaction to make each death look accidental.

The game features a series of challenging puzzles, situated in different daily situations. To advance in the game, the player must interact with objects in the scene in order to solve the puzzle, triggering a sequence of events that will result in the death of his victims.

Once finding the correct sequence of objects, a complex chain reaction starts, resulting in a final animation that shows the tragic and comic 'accidental' death of the target.

Buy the game here!

You can find us on Steam too.

Death's Life community · Created a new topic Demo Feedback


Please use this topic to leave your opinion about everything related to the demo, including bugs, improvements, suggestions, etc.

Your feedback is essential to us, this is a project in development and we are working very hard to improve it.

Soon we will release new versions with a lot of improvements, be sure to follow us for new releases and news.