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Glad to hear it!

Thank you! I'm glad to see folks checking this game out ^^

A few ways!

1) You’ve finished telling the story for now with this generation, and maybe play an epilogue game about what these heroes did next (maybe a hacked Stewpot?)

2) The castle blights the world enough times  and casts it all into the void (BAD END).

3) The players lock down the castle over generations, gradually robbing it of its power to shift and change until it becomes nothing more than a weird building.

Fixed a typo in the author's name!

Thanks for putting this together!

Hi! I've played it with as few as two people (me and someone else). I probably wouldn't go over 3 per side in a game with matched sides, or run a game against a single antagonist with more than 4 players.

We're hoping to have physical versions on sale by the end of February.

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Will do! Though this book (and many others) have been in stock for a long time over at 😄

Hah, hope you enjoy the new version!

Thanks for this review! I'm glad you had a good time with the game.

Hi! It was pointed out that people aren't likely to be playing games at each other's physical tables anytime soon, so I decided to focus on playbooks that'd work nicely as a PDF for now. For the game's release, I'll definitely have a printer-friendly PDF.

thank you so much!

Hi - the files on DTRPG should have been updated too. Please redownload them if you're not sure!

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Shattered City is now live! It's an Apocalpyse World-powered Tabletop RPG of resistance in a city scarred by war and encrusted with geomantic wonders. Pick it up at!

Try this one:

Glad to hear it!

I’d want to play with at least two players and one GM.  Players who are pretty experienced with how Powered by the Apocalypse games work could probably skip the GM role and bring the player count down to 2, but the game isn’t built for that.

Thanks for checking it out!

So, here’s what I have so far:

In the city, the GM draws one card per mark in the gauge you’re checking against, and picks one they like best. They interpret it and say why that’s a miss, weak hit or strong hit.

In the castle, you draw one card plus one per stat point, pick one you like best, and interpret it to say why it’s a miss, weak hit or strong hit. (If your stat is -1, draw two and the GM picks which one you use).


You and the GM both provide an interpretation of the chosen card, and the group decides which is more appropriate bearing in mind the advantage you're working with.


Same as Advantage, but the others decide with is more appropriate bearing in mind the penalty you're under.

I didn't want a system where I simply use the card as a random number generator - and hopefully if you have meaning-rich tarot cards to hand and you'd like to use them in a game you'll enjoy the prospect of interpreting them ^_^

It's an interesting idea! I've definitely been playing with adding optional tarot-reading elements to the game (see the Minor Covenant table and the final chapter of the new release), but using them for core resolution mechanics is a cool challenge. I'll ponder it and see what I can come up with.

I've sent another email over to itch support, fingers crossed things are sorted soon.

Ah, it's reopened now!

I messaged itch support a month or so ago about sending keys out, but it seems like nothing's happened there. I'll try again with the next release, arriving very soon!

Hi! If you buy it now, you'll get a playable but non-final version of the game. You'll also get free updates all the way to the game's release and after. It's not done done, but I've had a great time playing the current build and playtest feedback would be very appreciated! ^_^

Thanks for picking it up!

Thanks! That's really lovely to hear - and I'm glad there's utility in putting them all together in one place.

I'm writing one up at the moment! Hoping to have it done in the next few weeks.

Oh, that's neat! I'll try out how it feels in my mind but that might be a winner :D

Basically! Though if you want to fluff your character’s special moves or weapons as a spectre appearing and carrying them out, I can‘t stop you :D

Hey! I've just put up for sale my newest tabletop game, Terra Incognita. It's a single-player game about building nightmare castles (or territories) with a deck of cards, and some pen and paper. It's built for use with my own Rhapsody of Blood, but it can make metroidvania-esque maps for your dungeon-crawler of choice - top-down or side-on, sprawling or tight, simple or a web of barriers and keys. You can find it at:

Here's a gif of one of my castles, in the process of being built:


Thanks Aaron! The intent is that you get better pretty quickly, and your chances of success aren’t bad if others are helping you. Also remember that you’ll likely have 2 covenant moves as well, which, if they roll, will be rolling +1.  I might tweak how quickly you gain static when you’re starting out, though.

If someone records one I'll definitely put a link to it here! Happy to answer any questions if you have them, too.