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Hyped to play this game!  I loved the demo, and have really enjoyed your other games!  However, since I have a physical copy of Fallow from 2021 that was gifted to me by a friend, and didn't buy it myself right here, I don't have the option of downloading the latest update (Version 1.5 at the time of this comment)... is there any way I can update the necessary files of my copy, or would I have to buy the game online personally to get an update?  Or does my friend have access to digital updates since they bought it, and I can just ask them?
I'm sure the version of Fallow I have runs fine, but having a few bugfixes (or at least knowing what bugs I need to watch out for) would be a relief.

I downloaded from the website itself instead of this, and haven't tried the download, but bear with me (since ideally, both versions should be the same, I assume).

Whenever I try starting the game, the loading screen never progresses past 0%.  The window remains "Updating Argentum Age...", and the loading progress bar is captioned "Updating Game. Contacting Server...", but in red text right below that, it says "Error while updating anura: Error resolving connection".  I have yet to try this game (because it won't work), but from what I've heard, it certainly doesn't come off as one of those "has to always be online" kinds of games!  Is there a way to get it to skip that mandatory update checking step?  Could it maybe in the next update be made so it skips that step and takes you to the proper game if it can't connect?  Because at the moment, it seems to be stuck, and preventing the game from being playable.  This game is still in development mode, so is there a more stable version I could downgrade to without this bug available to get?  I'd really like to try Argentum Age, as it's a rare exception to my usual lack of interest in digital card games, but it's simply not working.

I'm playing on Windows 10, and installed it in Program Files (x86), if it makes a difference.  The little command-prompt-style box that shows up alongside the game is displaying some odd text... I don't know enough about code to understand all of it, but it seems to be acting like it thinks it maybe shouldn't have been installed where I installed it?  Attached below:

INFO: preferences.cpp:591 : GET SAVE FILE PATH: save.cfg
INFO: main.cpp:440 : Anura engine version 1.4
INFO: main.cpp:479 : Default Tile Size: 16
INFO: main.cpp:480 : Default Tile Scale: 2
INFO: main.cpp:482 : Build Options:
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     box2d
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     isomap
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     lua
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     save_png
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     sdl2
INFO: main.cpp:484 :     svg
INFO: main.cpp:488 : LOADING CONFIGURATION FROM master-config.cfg
INFO: main.cpp:501 : ADDING ARGUMENTS FROM master-config.cfg:
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --log-file=update-log.txt
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --module=citadel
INFO: main.cpp:503 :
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --module-chunk-port=80
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --module-chunk-query=GET /module_server/chunks/
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --module-chunk-deflate=true
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --utility=update_launcher
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --timeout=1200000
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --update-module=true
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --update-anura=true
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --anura=anura_windows
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --anura-exe=anura.exe
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --args
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --module=citadel
INFO: main.cpp:503 :    --log-file=game-log.txt
INFO: preferences.cpp:580 : SET PREFERENCES PATH: C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming/citadel/
INFO: preferences.cpp:580 : SET PREFERENCES PATH: C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming/citadel/
INFO: main.cpp:585 : ARGS: --log-file=update-log.txt

My actual name redacted for privacy, but the rest is all the same.  I didn't install it in the suggested path because-- Windows being Windows-- C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData seems to be one of those stupid invisible folders that they think is too important to show the user, so installing it there would've made me unable to see and find the files at all... needless to say, I can't find any "update-log.txt" either.  But since the installer gives you the option to install elsewhere, why is it acting this way?  I don't have a Mac or Linux PC to test those versions, and don't know enough about Linux to try running that version even if I wanted to.  This is as far as I've got.  Please help.

Asking here instead of in the Discord so my question and whatever answer it gets can be found online.

Sorry about that!  The password you can use to view the page right now is "Thotis".

The game says a walkthrough is on, but, like... did you let the domain expire?  Even clicking the site's link directly in your profile, the site now just seems to be kinda shady and doesn't seem to have anything to do with this game, like the url was taken by someone else.

Will the official walkthrough ever be reposted somewhere else?

I've tried googling this question and searching around the infos listed on-site about account privacy, but no luck.  I only ever get results about my followers, not about who I myself am following.  Question is pretty much exactly what the title of this topic says: Can people (logged in or not) see which users and creators I'm following on  And if so, can I hide who I'm following?

I'm just a rather shy and private person, and it'd be nice to know whether or not I can hide my "following" list (and if not, if it's a feature that'll be added soon)... it's a nice little privacy thing that a few other sites, like Tumblr, already allow as an option if you want.  When I view my "community profile" here on, there's a number on the upper right where I can click and see who I'm following; is it available for everyone to click, or is it kind of like my (already pretty private) Steam profile, where some things are only visible to me and not to others? already lets me choose to hide my library from public view with as little as ticking a checkbox, so it's logical for it to let users hide who they choose to follow on here, as well.

Might ask this on the forum, GitHub, or Discord later, but can Wesnoth maybe come with an installer again, like it did on SourceForge?

It's a tiny detail, but I have to admit I miss it... made the game feel more professional, for it to have a customized multi-language game install wizard that walked you through installing the game, and even made Start menu and Desktop shortcuts for you.  There's also the issue of accessibility-- I was a child when I first started playing Wesnoth, and it might have taken a lot longer for me to be able to really install new versions of Wesnoth on my own if it didn't come with an installer to do all the hard file-location-finding for me.  It could also be harder for less tech-savvy people to place somewhere on their computer without an installer, if they're used to mobile file systems.  Also, for some reason, my computer took way longer to extract the files manually into the Wesnoth folder I created than the old installer ever did when making its own, so using an installer might speed things up there, too.  Do consider bringing the installer back, please!  It never stopped being cool.

Downloaded both versions about a month ago, and neither will run... they'll get about as far as the loading/logging in screen, make the custom cursor show up, and if I'm lucky they'll get to a black screen afterwards with some ambience(?).  But after that?  Trying to do pretty much anything, full screen or windowed?  Either I'm forced to force quit through task manager because it won't respond, or I'm prompted to close it by Windows because the program isn't responding.  No from-game error messages popped up to give me a lead as to why it does this.  A real shame, because this game seems so neat!  I'd only hope that if I can ever get it running, that it doesn't lag (as many larger or more ambitious Unity games-- even low-poly ones-- do on my weak little old computer... but at least they get past the first screen and attempt to stutter forth).

Attempted to run both versions available to download on a 64bit HP Windows 10 PC that hasn't been optimized as a fancy gaming PC.  Neither was playable, I don't know if it's a hardware incompatibility issue or what.  Haven't tried the Steam version, got these in a bundle.

Gosh this looks so cool!  But I have a question before I might buy: Do all the included textures come in .PNG format so they can possibly be used in 2D games/programs/art too??

I unfortunately don't have any 3D-type softwares to use the models in at the moment, but am still interested in all the patterns and stuff.