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Might ask this on the forum, GitHub, or Discord later, but can Wesnoth maybe come with an installer again, like it did on SourceForge?

It's a tiny detail, but I have to admit I miss it... made the game feel more professional, for it to have a customized multi-language game install wizard that walked you through installing the game, and even made Start menu and Desktop shortcuts for you.  There's also the issue of accessibility-- I was a child when I first started playing Wesnoth, and it might have taken a lot longer for me to be able to really install new versions of Wesnoth on my own if it didn't come with an installer to do all the hard file-location-finding for me.  It could also be harder for less tech-savvy people to place somewhere on their computer without an installer, if they're used to mobile file systems.  Also, for some reason, my computer took way longer to extract the files manually into the Wesnoth folder I created than the old installer ever did when making its own, so using an installer might speed things up there, too.  Do consider bringing the installer back, please!  It never stopped being cool.

The installers do still exist actually and are created for each version - see here. The issue is that the installer tends to cause issues with antivirus software because it’s unsigned and getting a proper signing certificate would be a lot of time and effort (explanation here), so the link to it was taken off the website main page. The reason being that people won’t have issues with antivirus if it’s launched via the client, though my understanding is anyone downloading the standalone zip is likely to have the same antivirus issue when running wesnoth.exe as they would with the installer.

The release announcement posts on the Wesnoth forums do also still have a link to the installer.