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Hi, thanks, it's CC0, use it anywhere and anyhow you want, no need for mentions in credits, but it's always nice if you do so :))

Just not quite enough time to make proper tutorial, but thanks for going through it!

Glad to hear that, it was last minute addition, and it seems that it was worth it

I'm also not a fan, but also guilty of that way too many times due to time constraints. Thank you for going through it anyways and for the comment!

Unexpected comment, i remember your game from discord definitely gonna try it out, and also thanks for trying out my game!


Thanks for recommendation, i thought about something similar for gathering to get special ability dice, that would allow player to for example reroll any dice value, or set to any chosen value once a day, but that would require a lot more than 48 hours.
Also you are supposed to gain more resouces for being closer to 0, and for actually getting 0 you also should get gold, but i checked now and i messed up logic, so thank you!

Thank you!

I'm also amazed that i managed to do almost all of that, at least i had some old tracks and sfx lying around, thank you for trying it out and a nice comment!

Thank you! I also thought that it might be too much, that's why i kept tutorial prompt always on the screen, but yeah, it should be much more concise

I have to step up my tutorial game more, thank you for trying it out

Thank you for the comment, and technically it was supposed to be a scroll generator at first, but books seemed cooler in the end. Also no, sorry, i don't know if there is one, maybe try adding "magic" to your search query

Hey, sorry, I would like to, but now my time schedule wouldn't allow me to commit enough. But if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would gladly listen to them, and maybe one day I will manage to create something based on these :))

Thank you very much for comment and the video, glad you liked those books :3


nice comment

Thanks for trying it out and a nice comment!

Glad you liked it! And thanks for trying it out

Thanks! :3

Thanks! Maybe one day, for now i thought just about names of spells or titles of books that would go along color schema for example.

I think you can consider yourself a winner, but only if you didn't crashed. I also spotted this bug, but couldnt replicate it consistently, so now enjoy your surplus of upgrades. 

Thank you very much for the VOD, it's always important to see how others approach the game, and you shown me how much I have to work on responsivness and clarity of controls.
And also thanks for pointing out grammar and showing me, that fullscreen might be important for others.  

It's incredibly heartwarming to read your words, and it's really important for me, that you liked sounds, even though I didn't manage to add all sound effects I wanted, with more dynamic music. 
I also thought that those 60 seconds are pretty slow, but theme is theme ;3 But when I think now about it, i should have added speed up button, and also ability to remove whole plan of one character without pressing Z 60 times. 

Thank you very much for playing, and for your comment ^-^

Yeah, I used anchors for first few panels, and then time passed, and everything went downhill. Thanks for the link I will try to incorporate that knowledge in the future ^-^ 
And to start or stop the heist you have to hold H, and after walking into objects you can pick action using 1 or 2.

Saying that it's a bit confusing at first is a pretty big understatement ;3 Thanks for nice comment, I'm glad you liked it

Yeah, I should incoroprate more showing, and less telling when it comes to tutorials. Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much :3

Yeah, I guess the problem is in the UI scaling, I'm sorry for that. You could always try to stay in windowed mode, but I don't have any way to test that.

Quite possibly yes, I'm not the best at creating scalable UI it seems, and it definitely won't work in fullscreen, so I'm sorry for that. At least i know what I have to work on in future jams.
You could always try after pressing H in main screen, pressing A, and then H, but I guess UI still will be messed up.
Thanks for pointing that out :3

That's right, and that's the point, the main goal is to gather as much gold as possible, and make the best use of given 60 seconds, not necessarily going through missions as fast as possible, but of course, speedrunning can also be a goal ;3 Thanks for playnig, and a nice comment!

To move characters around place cursor over them, press spacebar, and then you can draw commands for them. Then you have to press escape to control the cursor again, and hold the H for around 1 second to execute commands. During that time you can't give any new orders, but you can hold H again to go back to giving orders.
Instructions on the right panel should be helpful to keep with the game flow.
Thanks for comment and trying it out, and I hope now you will be able to play!

I also think that a lot of numbers need tweaking, sometimes when you playtest for pretty long time you stop feeling that something is too slow or too fast, same goes for tutorial, so i think i need more playtesters next time. Thanks for playing and for a nice comment!

I see that i accidentally created horror forklift experience. Thanks for playing and your completed deliveries :3

Thank you very much for insightful comment and kind words!

And you are right about deliveries, that part needs a lot of tweaking regarding time and connection to orders. And controls wise, I messed up the speed of lifting up and down (remember to multiply by Time.deltaTime Unity users) , and I think that enchances the cumbersomness of it. And I'm glad you liked the atmosphere, I would never think that I would be able to create ominous forklift simulator.
Maybe that's because the true secret is what is inside the boxes?

Thank you very much :3

Yeah, that was the best forklift simulator, mine is missing the racing part :(( Thanks for trying it out and commenting :3

I wanted to leave as much playground for the player as possible, but i see what you might understand as messy, because map design was last, rushed part. Thanks for playing and the comment!

Thanks, i'm trying to do my best :3

Thanks! I hope it is ^-^

Tbh, I've had only 24 hours, so it's definitely over ambitious, and it's pretty sad, that I couldn't use 1st half of the jam time to create more responsive and player friendly game, with more thought rules, but it's a larger project after the jam.

So as extension to tutorial, to create Lumberjack you have to place village near two Forest cells, which consumes the forest cells so you have to prepare more Forest cells around so that the forest will keep on growing around, and allow Lumberjack to collect it. Also, when village has 4 other villages around, it turns into City.

In the end, there is not that much to it, but I'm thankful that you tried it out and left an insightful comment :3