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whatever your next work gonna be, i'm in :D

this is awsome, hope you will make sequel(maybe about their lives as adults?) or prequel(SPOILER_ALERT it would be brilliant to see what exactly happened in their village END_OF_SPOILER) also thanks for instructions how to get true ending, even tho it was useless to me xD (i triedevery possible option until i found true ending. then i was like "hey there is readme wonder what its for?"... yeah i should read it earlier ;_; , guess thats what im gonna do with every game from now on) anyway thanks, you made one of my favorite games :)

Big ambitions i see, it wont work probably (one month is not so long but good luck wish you i :)

now im sad because of you :( . i want more but there is no more and i have to wait for full game :(.

also it took me a while to make it run on linux(not to long but still), since your making this game with unity it shouldnt be a problem to release linux and mac version. but even without that i will surely buy full version :D

ps. controller support works great, only downside is i used ps3 controller so i had to first check all the buttons to see which one do what :D

a little to short but very nice

really good game(i found it like a 3 years ago and still waiting for "I hope to extend it someday") :D

But why not?

sorry for that little fuckup i fixed it so now it should work on any linux distro(if it is not, im out of ideas how to fixt it)

if that is  3 hours of work... you are awsome!!!!


sorry guys i messed up, so you need raylib installed in your system to play :(

well i wasn`t thinking about undertale while making this but your right it`s looks a little like a undertale

(1 edit)

music and sounds will be there and it`s need to be hard it`s cancer it`s not easy to defeat, but for now i don`t have time for that(school).

well i was thinking it`s my own idea(why god, why!!?), what was title of the game you have played?

yes it definitely need very much work to do.

thanks :D

don`t worry i will make it better and greater(that is 10% of everything what i want to add, as you say it should be harder because cancer is not easy to defeate and more responsible), but for now i don`t have time(school :( )

you are GOD its fact :D

god job :D