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Added the latest .mfa! Feel free to check it out and tell me your thoughts/questions

I love this type of thing, and the aesthetic makes it even cooler! Good work!

Damn. Fantastic submission, hard to believe it looks so good+was done so fast given the limitations! 

This is great! I don't know how you completed it so fast but it's definitely something I'll be going back to. 

Oh true! I'll do that instead, not sure why it didn't occur to me.. Gotta go to work soon but I'll put it in there tonight!

I'll add it to the zip as soon as I can! I mostly used Looki's lens shader, so that's a required plugin to view it in fusion. I'll PM you when it's up.
Edit: I believe PMs are not a thing so drop your email or I can comment on one of your games lol

I fucking love this. #1 most anticipated steam release for me.

yes yes yes daddy likes!