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Sorry for not posting something right after the deadline closed, congratulating everyone on your submissions (CONGRATZ! YOU FINISHED SOMETHING!) and for those that did not get to finish in time (do not lose heart!  Game making is a hard thing, whether you are working solo or in a team, the important thing is you actually tried, which is a huge thing!) my life got crazy right after and I just really needed to distance myself from the jam with how much I poured into it (7 day jams only, no extensions in the future, it's too much.)

Anyway, we are nearing the last 2 days to vote on games, if you have not taken the chance to vote on the submitted games, please do!  I have now opened it up to public voting so everyone that's apart of the community can vote.  And at the very least, give our creators a round of applause, a congrats and some encouragement on their pieces!  Everyone worked hard and within their means (even beyond) to try and make something awesome.

For those that have entered, once the judging period has passed, I'll be tallying up the scores based upon the ratings, and then I'll announce our winner of the ranking and make contact about doing a special art piece for your game :D

Thank you everyone for participating, this turned out better than I expected and I look forward to hosting another gamejam possibly this winter.  Take care!

~Cassie 'Shalie' Wilson

Certainly a start :)

I like the concept, the blood effects on the walls is a nice touch, but it's a little hard to get around and not being able to shoot up is quite annoying.  It will make for a fun platformer/shooter once some things like movement are ironed out :D

OH man! That's crazy and fun!  When you mentioned you were mashing the two games together, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is quite good, and that night switch really makes it hard! D:

This goes for everyone, if you finished your game but couldn't get it uploaded last night, link it to me here.

yeah, Itch went down about 2 hours before the deadline and was still down when I went to bed, so I'll be sending out unique late submission codes to those that ask.  To do that, get your game uploaded to your account here on itch, then send me the link to the game so I can have it make you one.

So, it appears this week might have been an unexpected rough week for some that participated, leaving maybe half of the active participants unable to complete in time.  So I made a poll to see how people feel about extending things by 3 days to give the ones struggling a little breathing room, because I feel it's not fun when half the committed projects are falling flat.  But how do you all feel?


So long as they are free to use files.  I guess the same can go for graphics, but being a graphics person I'd like to see what people do themselves, even if they go with a very simple and minimalist style.  BTW, no element is required, your game doesn't have to have sound at all, same with nice graphics, but playable is kinda important.

My entry this year will be "Race the Nags - Magical Addition!" X'D

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OH man, this week went by so much faster than I expected, my head is still spinning and just so happens that my life also got dumb busy!  WOOPS!  But, the jam must go on so I am here!

SO! I'm sure a lot of you are waiting for the details, so here they are!
...There isn't really any.  LOL!

  • Let us each focus on something that predates '95, a game that was a marvel back then, be it an old arcade classic or played on good old DOS!  But make it your own, that was the idea behind all of this after all!  Figure out how it works, get your engine in place and add in the quirks that makes it your version of the game unique.  Some twist that adds a new level of fun while not becoming shovel-ware.
  • And have fun!

To officially participate you must reply to this thread with the following information:

  • Your game of choice to tackle.
  • The twist you plan to add (if known.)
  • And if you are working in a team, the Team Leader must post and list the members working together (sub members need not reply.)

Groups and individuals that happen to choose the same game is perfectly fine, but let's not all decide to remake the same thing.
I still need to figure out how the ranking will work, but will focus on game play, graphic design, sound, and bonus points for emotional response cause we love things that make us laugh or cry!
(Oh, and the Team Leader will be responsible for submitting the finished game, be sure to mention all your participants and what they did!)

I think that's that.  are you guys ready?  Cause I'm sure not but here goes nothing!  JAM!

P.S. Oh hey!  Cause we broke the 12 participants stretch there will be a prize of sorts for the winning game which will be a epic big-box(digital) graphic design for your game by me!  And there is rumor that Fwiller may add something to the pot, but that is left unknown...

And I seriously need to stop editing this page but I forgot about the communications and such!  There is a discord, it's a dedicated room on my personal discord group for my art stream, but really I would prefer to keep talk here on the discussion groups.  If you need help cause some bit of code isn't working, feel free to ask.  Like wise art direction, if you cant get something to look right for your project, just shout out for help and some C&C.  Sound?  Lord help me, I'll need someone for that if I am to have any...


Hey!  Holly cow that's great!  I don't want to say there is a limit on size, but curious as to how many people we are talking about!  Something to keep in mind is a good number of us are just going to be working solo, like myself and Fwiller.  So if the group is like 3 people, I feel that's acceptable, but if you are more than that, you might be a little big for our small jam.  Idea after all is just an excuse for practice and fun, we aren't all striving to make anything too huge or polished, but if able to, all the more power to ya!

As for everyone joining, I think it would be fun, get to chat with people, artists of one team helping another, I will be opening ranking up but it's not like there is a cash prize or anything - we be a chill jam with bad puns at the ready, and not professional at all.

Further rules and the link to the discord will be posted in my final post which I am working on and will be posting before the jam starts so keep an eye out for that.

If you have any other questions, just ask or wait for the final post to be made, glad to have you and your group with us and happy that our dinky antics can be your first jam!

Oh boy!  6 days to go!  Are you all ready?  Your fingers itching to type out a slew of commands and variables? Ttrigger finger for pixel editing those fancy sprites?  Mine sure are!  Keep an eye out guys for there is going to be a few limitations posted when the jam starts, some guidelines and possible selection of games to choose from :o

Also, if you know of some friends that might be interested, please share!  The more jammers (is that even the right term for us?) the merrier!  


Yay!  Thanks!  I think I may end up doing more with it down the line, there is much I wanted to add in, but that goes for a lot of us :p

Holy crap dude!  This is fun!!! ahahaha the sounds!

  • Dungeons
  • Growth
  • Being Lost
  • Electricity
  • Suspense
  • Flood